Presented by Directors Guild of Canada

World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows

Frankie Freako

Directed by Steven Kostanski

Hosted by Director Steve Kostanski



Steven Kostanski


Michael Paszt, Pasha Patriki


Steven Kostanski


Raven Banner Entertainment

Canada 2024 82 mins OV English
Genre ComedyFantasy

Steve Kostanski, a mainstay in Canadian indie genre, has brought his unique style of makeup FX, writing, directing, and producing to hits like MANBORG, THE VOID, and the recent breakout PSYCHO GOREMAN. In his latest film, FRANKIE FREAKO, he taps into the nostalgia of Saturday morning cartoons, the charm of old-school puppetry, and gonzo comedy!

Conor (Conor Sweeney, MANBORG, THE EDITOR) is a square. He doesn’t swear, thinks holding hands with his gorgeous wife Kristina (Kristy Wordsworth, BLAZE) is a wild night, and goes to bed well before 9pm. When his slimy boss, Mr. Buechler (Adam Brooks, THE EDITOR, PSYCHO GOREMAN) and Kristina call him out on his squareness, Conor is deeply offended. Determined to prove them wrong, he’s lured by a 1-900 ad promising the party of a lifetime with a creature named Frankie Freako. Calling the hotline opens a world of chaos, and Frankie, joined by two other “Freako” friends, trash his house. Who are these little monsters, and why have they decided to torment him endlessly? Conor must get rid of them before his wife returns from a weekend trip, plus appease the creepy Buechler. These interdimensional beings are more than pesky, bringing their troubles and interplanetary terrors right to Conor’s door!

Kostanski has crafted a creature comedy that’s a loving tribute to the ’80s, with echoes of GHOULIES and the PUPPETMASTER series, wrapped in a package of zany absurdist comedy. As key members of the Astron-6 team, Kostanski, Sweeney, and Brooks maintain their signature off-kilter tone, delivering quirky puppets, VFX straight out of a cartoon, and tons of fun. A must-see that's sure to awaken your inner child! – Carolyn Mauricette