World Premiere
Cheval Noir

Infinite Summer

Directed by Miguel Llansó

Hosted by Director Miguel Llansó, Producer Jon Read, Producer Allison Carter, Producer Michael Herman, Actors Teele Kaljuvee-O’Brock and Johanna-Aurelia Rosin



Miguel Llansó


Tõnu Hiielaid, Miguel Llansó, Rain Rannu, Jon Read, Allison Rose Carter


Miguel Llansó


Ciaron Davies, Hannah Gross, Teele Kaljuvee-O'Brock, Johanna Rosin


Israel Seoane

Sound Designer

Quino Piñero


Laurie Spiegel


Velasco Broca

Special Effects

Egert Kanep

Production Designer

Anita Kremm, Liisamari Viik


Lanzadera Films

Estonia, Spain 2024 90 mins OV English/Estonian Subtitles : English

“It’s me, Mia. It’s really me. I’ve reached the state of mindfulness”

It’s summer vacation and Mia (Teele Kaljuvee-O'Brock), Grete (Johanna Rosin), and Sarah (Hannah Gross, JOKER) are taking full advantage of their last break before adult responsibilities come knocking on their door. The perfect time to get some sun, meet new faces, mess around with dating apps, and experiment. Unfortunately for Mia, this doesn’t last long as her enjoyment is threatened when her childhood best friend becomes more interested in people her own age. They meet Dr. Mindfulness, an app developer with an inflated sense of self, who introduces the women to his mindfulness app. However, when the app begins to cause changes in the women's body chemistry, and a mysterious connection to the Tallinn zoo comes to light, they quickly realize that there may be such a thing as too much fun!

The filmmaker who brought you the genre-bending CRUMBS and JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY TO THE HIGHWAY, Miguel Llansó, is back and ready to teach you the true meaning of mindfulness! Teaming up with longtime cinematographer Israel Seoane, and adding producers Alison Rose Carter and Jon Read (EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, ZOLA) to the mix, Llansó brings you INFINITE SUMMER! His newest feature sees him stray away from the pastiche of exploitation cinema’s past and brings us something totally new, unique, and utterly bonkers! With his cast of endearingly peculiar characters and fantastical direction, Llansó crafts a poetic meditation on space, identity, and technology. As Mia stands on the edge of the beginnings of a new life, Llansó poses the question, at what point do we lose our human individuality to the melding of skin, metal, and spiritualism, becoming something new and beyond our comprehension? INFINITE SUMMER is an offbeat and emotionally resonant concoction that is sure to leave you with more than just a buzz! – Vincenzo Nappi