Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois


91 mins 8 films Canada, Quebec
Sat July 29, 2023
8:30 PM

Cinéma du Musée

When we decided to give the short-film programs simple names, we didn’t think that we would have to explain their content in the programme. So let us try together, in this limited space, to demystify this mysterious title referring to “humour”, a process that provokes laughter. First of all, I intend to... – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

Le Dernier rhinocéros

Guillaume Harvey

The last of the northern white rhinos is dead. Lili, a rather well-off 70 year-old grandmother, led a comfortable retired life until these news have her dive deep into eco-anxiety. What kind of world will ...

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 19 mins

Burt Bumblebee, le dernier loyaliste

Jeremy Hughes, Rosalie Fortier

Somewhere on the Gaspésie coast, in a small deserted village, dwells the last loyalist. An old man, his dog, his pipe and a couple of dreams looking to resurface.

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 13 mins

Banana Anna

Jonathan Venne

Banana Anna, back from work, exhausted, after a day of work, is attacked by an intruder in her home. She fights him and throws him a volley. Turning around, she realizes that he was not alone and that full...

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 1 mins

Crème molle

Antony Boudreau Savoie, Charlotte St-Louis

Ophelia, a jaded teenager, kills time riding her bike and working in the dairy bar of a small, uneventful suburb. When a mysterious woman on a motorcycle arrives in town, her ordinary summer is turned upsi...

Jul 29 20:30
Canada 11 mins

L' Albero

Thomas Dufour

Robert Romero, un hardened Quebec criminal, sees his empire crumble before his eyes.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

Le Début de la faim

Jonathan Girard-Beauchemin

A short look into the challenges of dealing with a zombie bite.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 2 mins

L' Embaumeuse embaumée

Léann Ménard

Viviane, an eccentric embalmer, comes face to face with her own body. Trying to understand, the improbability of the situation will confront her with her relationship with the living.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada 10 mins

Mission Cohésion

Mélanie Pilon

Sent against their will on a team building weekend, four cynical colleagues who don’t care at all about team playing are forced to pool their efforts to deal with an unexpected incident.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 20 mins


Sat July 29, 2023
8:30 PM

Cinéma du Musée