Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

The Scares

90 mins 11 films Canada, Quebec
Sat July 22, 2023
8:45 PM

Cinéma du Musée

It's a tradition to share some of the best horror shorts from all over Quebec, with a diverse selection that will thrill you in every possible way — creepy atmospheres, black humour, gore, and scary creatures are all part of the mix. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

In Fœtu

Jacob Khayat

Two young brothers are babysat by their grandmother. At bath time, an innocent game will change the family forever.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada, Quebec 7 mins

Le Temple

Alain Fournier

The crew of a German U-boat on a mission in the North Atlantic witness strange phenomena on board.

Jul 22 20:45
Quebec 17 mins


Francis Fortin

During a zombie outbreak, Valerie tries to rescue her grandmother before it's too late.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada 8 mins


In a dark forest at night, Gab rides his bicycle and makes a strange encounter.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Out of My Skin

Hannah Fortin

Something's possessed Lily (Megan Jonker) to call up her ex-boyfriend (Ian Astorquiza) to try and work things out. He'll quickly find that she isn't the same girl he dumped anymore. Is she even still a gir...

Jul 22 20:45
Quebec 8 mins


Samuel Mac

A doomed warrior, offered a path to redemption, journeys to the heart of the black forest on an execution mission.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

Gène X

Janie Vézina

Jul 22 20:45
Canada 1 mins

The Monster Inside My Head

Maude Michaud

A woman is tormented by a menacing creature who tries to take control of her body.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada 8 mins

La Soif

Dominic Robitaille

The world's water is contaminated. Infected individuals develop an unprecedented aggressivity and lose their hearing.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada, Quebec 4 mins

You Stay

Andrew Cyr-Marcoux

Lucas and his family move out of their old apartment, looking for a fresh start. However, strange and unexplained events begin to occur.

Jul 22 20:45
Canada 7 mins


Simon Girard

Parasomnia playfully deconstructs the conventions of fiction, both in substance and form, in order to create an experimental adventure within the uncanny valley, which, like its subject, is so close to bei...

Jul 22 20:45
Quebec 15 mins


Sat July 22, 2023
8:45 PM

Cinéma du Musée