Les Fantastiques week-ends du cinéma québécois

A Festive Opening

96 mins 14 films Canada, Quebec
Fri July 21, 2023
8:30 PM

Cinéma du Musée

Films that pack a punch, to kick off three crazy weeks of the festival! A varied mix of the genres that are in Fantasia’s DNA: comedy, horror, fantasy, a bit of animation, of course, and above all various unique items. Everything you need to get you in the mood! – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg

Bonne fête, le désordre!

Jean-Martin Gagnon, Guillaume Harvey

Tempers flare inside St-Ludger-de-Milot’s far-left militia. Pow-Pow-Pow, Quebec.

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 15 mins

Le Chasseur

Carlos Alan Ruiz Felix

A thief robs the home of a suspicious owner.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Moi Soleil

Julien Falardeau

A sun worshipper’s commitment grows desperate when he catches a sunflower turning towards him.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 12 mins

Fête virtuelle

Olivier A. Dubois

Cynthia offers a virtual trip to her friend Damien and despite all the possibilities of thematic worlds to explore, he chooses a bloodthirsty avenue.

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 7 mins



Late at night, a screenwriter recollects an unpleasant encounter with the receptionist of the motel he is staying at. As this memory haunts him, his thoughts blur with the story he is writing.

Jul 21 20:30
Aug 8 21:00
Canada 14 mins


Stéphane Turgeon

A badboy meets his dream car...

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 3 mins

Cursed Chain

Mohamed El-Husseini

An unexpected phone call leads a group of friends into one hell of a night.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins

Under a Burnt Orange Sky

Heston L'Abbé

A pair of huntresses encounter a stranger in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 6 mins

À feu et à sang

Arnaud Lescure, Cedrick Beaumont-Noel, Viktor Amarok Langevin

Fire and Blood is an animated short taking place in an alternative version of the French Revolution where the prince Louis XVII take revenge on the revolutionaries by releasing the monstrous beast of Gévau...

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins

Entrevues en série

Catherine Côté-Moisescu, Jeremy Glavac

"Serial Encounters" is a series of mini-documentaries about our favorite serial killers. Today, we pay a visit to Jason Voorhees to find out what the star of the '80s has been up to after his resounding su...

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 2 mins


Alyssia Labbé-Hervieux

The Furry community is made up of people who use drawing and costumes to bring animal characters with human characteristics to life. “Fursona” depicts the universe of Aly, a member of this community.

Jul 21 20:30
Jul 23 15:30
Canada, Quebec 5 mins

Descente onirique

Eli Paré

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins


Matthew Rouleau

An old man reflects on his past, having spent his entire life within the confines of a spacecraft. He wonders when the time will come for him to find the true purpose of his life.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 10 mins


Olivier Labonté LeMoyne

An ordinary young couple find an isolated place to park their car and love each other away from prying eyes. At least that's what they believe...

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 14 mins


Fri July 21, 2023
8:30 PM

Cinéma du Musée