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Laura Moss

A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead. An inspired feminine reworking of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein...

Jul 31 18:45
USA 98 mins

Bold Eagle

Whammy Alcazaren

The swelteringly hot acid trip of a sex-obsessed, terminally-online gay man and his conveniently placed cat. A cocky commentary on censorship, dictatorship and repression.

Aug 7 19:00
Philippines 16 mins

The Fantastic Golem Affairs

Juan González, Fernando Martínez, a.k.a. Burnin' Percebes

Juan finds out his best friend was a golem all along in this delightful sci-fi comedy from Spain’s absurdist duo Burnin’ Percebes: Juan González and Nando Martínez.

Jul 22 16:15
Jul 24 11:35
Spain 98 mins


Stephen Lopez

Teenager Jani and a talking catfish named Kiefer may oppose a tyrannical world of nuclear reactors and military curfews, where people are utterly devoid of empathy.

Aug 7 19:00
Philippines 22 mins

Home Invasion

Graeme Arnfield

In this nightmarish essay film, Graeme Arnfield weaves the history of the doorbell together with that of home-invasion cinema and labour struggles in the 19th century.

Jul 29 20:00
Aug 1 14:40
United Kingdom 90 mins

Irlande cahier bleu

Olivier Godin

In Olivier Godin’s latest, Ducarmel is a firefighter and a poet. But when he dreams, he isn’t himself, but rather the best basketball player of them all in a bizarre, dreamy world.

Jul 28 18:30
Quebec 83 mins

It's Raining Frogs Outside

Maria Estela Paiso

A spellbinding short that is one part pandemic diary, two part experimental travelogue. Maya goes back to her home province Zambales to confront her terrifying childhood home… filled with hailing amphibian...

Aug 7 19:00
Philippines 14 mins

Journey to the West

Kong Dashan

The middle-aged, down-and-out editor-in-chief of a science fiction magazine embarks on a final journey to find aliens in this delightful, deadpan mockumentary.

Aug 5 16:50
Aug 8 16:35
China 118 mins

Luzonensis Osteoporosis

Glenn Barit

A prehistoric hominid getting ready to leave his home to work as a migrant worker overseas. When his passport goes missing, he ponders his place in the Philippines.

Aug 7 19:00
Philippines 20 mins

Mami Wata

C.J. "Fiery" Obasi

An ancient water deity reigns over progress and power in this stunning African saga. Winner of a jury prize at this year’s Sundance, the first Nigerian production ever to be awarded at the festival.

Jul 20 19:05
Jul 21 16:15
United Kingdom, France, Nigeria 107 mins

People Who Talk to Plushies Are Kind

Yurina Kaneko

Sophomore university student Nanamori joins the Plushies Club, where he is encouraged to discuss his feelings with stuffed animals, in Yurina Kaneko’s gently provocative, gender-conscious youth film.

Jul 31 19:00
Aug 2 17:00
Japan 109 mins


Ann Oren

Struggling Foley artist Eva grows a horsetail in the pursuit of the perfect equine sound in this kinky gender-bending fantasia.

Aug 5 21:45
Aug 7 14:15
Germany 86 mins

Sometimes I Think About Dying

Rachel Lambert

Fran (Daisy Ridley), an isolated office drone, strikes an uneasy friendship with a new co-worker. A dark, moving drama about stepping out of one’s shell.

Aug 6 18:45
USA 91 mins

When You Left Me On That Boulevard

Kayla Galang

Teenager Ly and her cousins get blazing high before a boisterous Thanksgiving gathering at their auntie’s. A beautifully nostalgic portrait of diasporic upbringing in the mid-aughts.

Aug 7 19:00
USA 13 mins