Irlande cahier bleu

Directed by Olivier Godin

Hosted by Director/Writer Olivier Godin, Producer Amélie Tremblay.



Olivier Godin


Olivier Godin


Florence Blain-Mbaye, Stéphane Crête, Ève Duranceau, Emery Habwineza, Étienne Pilon


Renaud Després-Larose


Olivier Godin

Special Effects

Virginie Bachand


Olivier Godin

Quebec 2023 83 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre DramaComedyFantasyScience-FictionRomance

Ducarmel (Emery Habwineza) is an anachronistic firefighter, a quotidian poet, and an expert soup-maker in his spare time. He also happens to play in a competitive mixed basketball league. There’s only one problem to his life: finding a babysitter to look after his daughter. Moreover, when he dozes off in front of the television in the evening, he dreams… a little too forcefully. In the bizarre, future world of his dreams, under the sign of a nebulous cabbage, he is an alcoholic. Basketball matches unfold on distant planets, a beguiling blue book reigns above all, and the prospect of love looms on the horizon. In the bizarre, future world of his dreams, he is the best basketball player of them all.

Carried by magnificent, hazy 16mm photography as well as an exemplary cast bringing together the talents of Florence Blain-Mbaye, Stéphane Crête, and Ève Duranceau, IRELAND BLUE BOOK is Olivier Godin’s most recent creation, following THERE ARE NO FALSE UNDERTAKINGS and THE ART OF SPEECH. One of the great iconoclasts of contemporary Quebec cinema, he offers here a unique vision that alternates between dreamy drama and cutting comedy, between the duty of the firefighter and that of the sportsman. Godin’s world is one of poetic, intriguing outlines, of lights and shadows where one’s subtle desires for glory — those one can’t admit during daytime — are gleaned and explored, desires which take on their fullest meaning in the secret life that is the night. – Ariel Esteban Cayer