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E Seul Monica An

As a symbol of their undying love, Yoon-il offers Hana his severed left ear. Morbid and sardonic (and thus so very South Korean), a romantic comedy that will make you wince and flinch while you giggle.

Jul 21 18:30
South Korea 25 mins

Flaming Cloud

Liu Siyi

Cursed with a sleep-inducing kiss by gambling deities, Sangui sets out on a journey to find a cure and his long-lost love, in Liu Siyi’s debut feature, a distinctive, whimsical and romantic fantasy.

Aug 3 18:45
China 107 mins
Sold out

For people in trouble

Alex Lawther

Two people meet, fall in love, and see their relationship crumble as society breaks apart. A chilling vision of an upsettingly plausible tomorrow, written and directed by actor Alex Lawther.

Aug 5 14:00
United Kingdom 16 mins

Gertrude and Yvan Party Hard

Louise Groult

At a party, Gertrude meets Yvan. He would like to kiss her but finds her name repulsive.

Jul 21 21:35
France 9 mins

Hundreds of Beavers

Mike Cheslik

A zany and anarchic homage to the silent film era pits a drunken applejack salesman against hundreds of beavers.

Jul 28 21:20
Jul 31 11:45
USA 108 mins

Insomniacs After School

Chihiro Ikeda

Suffering from chronic insomnia that makes him irritable and distant, Ganta Nakami struggles to fit in at Kuyo High School.

Jul 25 18:50
Jul 26 16:15
Japan 113 mins

Irlande cahier bleu

Olivier Godin

In Olivier Godin’s latest, Ducarmel is a firefighter and a poet. But when he dreams, he isn’t himself, but rather the best basketball player of them all in a bizarre, dreamy world.

Jul 28 18:30
Quebec 83 mins

Max Funk : Pour ton funk seulement

Benoit Ash, Alexandre Dubois, Alexandre B. Lampron, Guy Chagnon

Max Funk and his gang of special agents set off on a dangerous mission to save the people of Earth from the infamous Prezinstein! A lost (and found) film shot on MiniDV in early 2000.

Aug 5 20:30
Quebec 91 mins

Miss Shampoo

Giddens KO

Apprentice hairdresser Fen and Taiwanese Triad boss Tai strike an unlikely romance in Giddens Ko’s zany genre hybrid.

Aug 6 16:10
Taiwan 120 mins

Molli and Max in the Future

Michael Lukk Litwak

Zosia Mamet and Aristotle Athari charm in this sci-fi romantic comedy about a man and woman whose orbits repeatedly collide over the course of 12 years, 4 planets, 3 dimensions, and one space-cult.

Aug 5 16:45
USA 93 mins

The Moon, Sky and You

Hei Yau Lin

High school lovers (and a goldfish) fight against a hitman organization in this vibrant student film.

Aug 2 19:15
Aug 8 12:30
Hong Kong 62 mins

My Animal

Jacqueline Castel

Hockey and a small Canadian town serve as the backdrop to a reimagining of a familiar folkloric monster.

Aug 1 18:45
Aug 4 17:00
Canada 103 mins

My Heart Is That Eternal Rose

Patrick Tam

Lovers separated by criminal conflicts reunite, but things get complicated. Bullets, loyalty, and love will shape everyone’s destiny in the Hong Kong new wave classic, recently restored.

Aug 6 14:00
Hong Kong 91 mins

My Worst Neighbor

Lee Woo-chul

Two neighbours sharing a cardboard wall have to learn to live together. A funny, touching romantic comedy starring Han Seung-yeon of K-pop group Kara.

South Korea 113 mins

The Ninth Heart

Juraj Herz

A student must rescue a princess from the castle of an evil magician, who's preparing an elixir from the stolen hearts of nine children. Laced with aspects of folk horror, vampirism, and surreal fairy tale...

Jul 29 18:00
Czech Republic 92 mins
Sold out


Farhad Bakhtiarikish

An unhappily married man, desperate to find meaningful love, meets a woman in a virtual dating app. A clever and surprising film, steeped in feeling with exquisite world-building.

Aug 5 14:00
Sweden 14 mins

Skin Deep

Alex Schaad

An intimate body swap sci-fi drama like you’ve never seen before. Winner of the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Aug 3 19:15
Aug 9 17:00
Germany 103 mins

Sweet Juices

Will Suen, Sejon Im

In a world where Chinese food reigns supreme, two chefs are on a mission to make the ultimate dumplings and clear their names.

Jul 30 21:30
Australia 15 mins


Carnior Steve Landry

Anna, a heartbroken Quebecer, arrives in Normandy to visit her friend Sofie. To change her mind, the latter invites Anna to a girls' evening which will be very werido.

Aug 3 20:00
Quebec, France 6 mins


Robert Hospyan

Claude and Mahalia matched on a dating site for people with superpowers. Claude's?

Jul 23 21:30
France 14 mins