Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Miss Shampoo

Directed by Giddens KO


Official selection

Taipei Film Festival 2023
New York Asian Film festival 2023


Giddens Ko


Jeffrey Huang, Giddens Ko, Lu Wei-chun


Giddens Ko


Vivian Sung, Daniel Hong, Kai Ko, Ying Lang-feng, Emerson Tsai


Barunson E&A

Taiwan 2023 120 mins OV Mandarin Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyRomance

Apprentice Fen (Vivian Sung, TAIPEI SUICIDE STORY), works tirelessly to become a full-fledged hairdresser at a dingy hair salon. One night, wounded Triad boss Tai (Hong Yu-Hong) storms in, desperate to hide from a rival gang. Fen manages to get him out of hot water, and soon becomes the gang’s dedicated stylist and protégée… and Tai’s number-one infatuation. Tai’s obsession with the hairdresser sends a wave through the gangster community and soon, every underling sports a new, ridiculous hairdo. As the pair get to know each other, one question remains hanging in the air like a hair in the soup: will the hairdresser and the gang boss learn to overcome their differences in the name of love?

Giddens Ko (MON MON MON MONSTERS, Fantasia 2017) returns to the festival with an ingenious genre hybrid, combining the Taiwanese Triad movie with the raunchy odd-couple comedy. Larger than life, zany, and consistently parodic of a number of genre tropes and Triad cinema mainstays, MISS SHAMPOO is a mad mélange of sensibilities not unlike that of MARRY MY DEAD BODY (also among this year’s selections). Pointing to a unique quality in contemporary Taiwanese comedies, Ko embraces the malleability of genres and tones — and the unique opportunities therein — to arrive at a comedy composed of clashing plotlines, mismatched milieus, and incongruous passions. Further proof of the filmmaker’s versatility following 2021’s reincarnation-themed fantasy film TILL WE MEET AGAIN, MISS SHAMPOO delights, like getting one’s hair soaped up! – Ariel Esteban Cayer