International Premiere
Selection 2023

Apocalypse Clown

Directed by George Kane

Hosted by Director/Writer George Kane, Producers James Dean and Morgan Bushe, Writer Shane O’Brien, Artistic team Dean Chan.



George Kane


Morgan Bushe, James Dean


Demian Fox, George Kane, Shane O'Brien, James Walmsley


David Grennan


Stephen McKeon


Matyas Veress



Belgium, Ireland 2023 102 mins OV English
Genre Comedy

Clowns. So weird, right? Who in their right mind would want to be a clown? It's a total crap job — you annoy people, frighten children, and generally get no respect from anyone. And yet, clowns are still everywhere, and in Ireland they're mourning one of their own, the legendary teacher Jean Ducoque. As Ireland's clown community (all eight of them) arrive at Ducoque's funeral, everything is plunged into chaos when a mysterious electrical surge renders the country powerless. Now, four desperate clowns — the lovelorn Bobo (David Earl), newbie Pepe (Fionn Foley), has-been The Great Alphonso (Ivan Kaye) and the bugnut insane Funzo (the amazing Natalie Palamides) — along with journalist Jenny Malone (Amy De Bhrún), are trapped in the Irish countryside, where they will find that a world without power is a world that needs laughter. And they're just the clowns to bring it.

APOCALYPSE CLOWN may go down in history as the greatest Irish clown comedy ever made, though it's also the only one ever made. A decade after their hilarious DISCOVERDALE, director/co-writer George Kane re-teams with Demian Fox, Shane O'Brien and James Walmsley (of comedy rock band Dead Cat Bounce) with this wonderfully insane and totally original movie that pays tribute to clowning as much as it skewers it (which is quite a bit). The entire cast is terrific, everyone gets major laughs, but Palamides' Funzo unquestionably steals the show in what may be a new classic comedy character and performance. It's a testament to the talents of Kane, his co-writers and the rest of the cast that APOCALYPSE CLOWN is not just the Funzo show but memorable and side-splitting throughout, bringing respect back to clowning and huge laughs to Fantasia audiences. This is one of Fantasia 2023's can't-miss movies. – Matthew Kiernan