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Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

Successful salesman Shunsuke falls into a concrete manhole with no immediate way out, in this clever nailbiter balancing black humour, social satire, and nerve-wracking tension.

Jul 31 21:30
Japan 97 mins
Sold out


Anne-Marie Bouchard

A brief experience of laser engraving and cutting on 16mm film, about the first snows of autumn, mushrooms and ferns, with lively music.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins
Sold out

À fleur de temps

Zahya Tétreault Bélanger

A dance of passing time, through the invisible movement of flowers, clouds and crowds.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins
Sold out

A.I. Made Me Do It: Ophelia

Gioula Papadopoulou

The final result, based on the randomness and fluidity of the AI generators used, is a surreal animation where a classic theme (Ophelia) meets with weird dreamlike mutations and unexpected futuristic scene...

Aug 8 21:00
Greece 2 mins

The Abandoned

Tseng Ying-Ting

In this powerful neo-noir drama from Taiwan, a grieving detective and her rookie partner seek justice for a series of murdered women whose tragic fates could be connected to an illicit migrant worker ring.

Aug 7 21:30
Taiwan 128 mins


Takeshi Yagi

From ULTRAMAN director Yagi Takeshi, a reimagining of the kaiju vs. superheroine genre for a global audience — while honouring the authentic tokusatsu style of filmmaking.

Jul 22 13:15
Japan 6 mins


Réalisation collective Réalisation collective

Animation attempt. On the menu: a duel, bureaucracy, and a champion!

Jul 23 15:30
Canada 1 mins
Sold out

Apocalypse Clown

George Kane

Four desperate clowns (and one journalist) make their way through the Irish countryside after a freak electrical disaster in what may be the funniest (and only) clowns-and-catastrophe movie ever made.

Jul 21 18:50
Jul 23 14:15
Belgium, Ireland 102 mins

As Long As We Both Shall Live

Ayuko Tsukahara

Adapted from a popular Japanese light novel series, this epic tale of empowerment, fantasy and unlikely romance follows Miyo after she is forced to marry a fearsome military commander named Kiyoka.

Aug 8 18:45
Japan 115 mins
Sold out

Au Bout des Cartes

Émile Désilets

The maps shall adapt to Man's ambition.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins
Sold out


Jennifer Zhang

A space pilot alone on a returning vessel finds herself in a frightening power struggle when her holographic virtual assistant suddenly begins to oppose its programming.

Aug 5 14:00
USA 17 mins

Baby Assassins 2

Have the gun-toting gamines, mopey Mahiro and chipper Chisato, finally met their match? The comedic action concoction BABY ASSASINS returns with a bigger and better round two!

Jul 27 19:00
Japan 102 mins
Sold out

Benadryl / Inflectra'

Marie-Christine Le Vey

Benadryl Inflectra is an experimental, non narrative animation film that is meant to be a sweet psychedelic journey.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 1 mins
Sold out

Bergen, Norway

Alexia Roc

Yesterday, I found the address of my abuser in the memory of my phone. I have no name, I have no face, I only have his address.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 9 mins

Bird Hostage

Lauren Andrews

After answering an ad, Lauren takes a job pet-sitting a stranger's parrot, Reggie. However, Lauren's life takes a turn when Reggie begins to speak, demanding he be freed immediately!

Jul 21 18:30
Canada 14 mins


Larry Fessenden

Acclaimed horror auteur Larry Fessenden unleashes his long-mooted werewolf film, focusing on an artist struggling with his lycanthropy while his killings plunge a small New York town into paranoia.

Jul 20 21:45
Jul 27 11:30
USA 103 mins


Gabriel AUGERAI, Charles DI CICCO, Romain Augier, Laurie PEREIRA DE FIGUEIREDO

A couple of dumb birds tries its best to protect its eggs from a volcano eruption.

Jul 29 13:30
France 6 mins


Alexander Deeds

A young Bully bites off more than he can chew when he messes with the wrong Old Man in a nursing home.

Aug 7 18:45
USA 7 mins


Louisa Papatie

Projections on the trees in a forest, inviting us to play hide-and-seek with a kokom (a grand-mother) and her grand-children.

Jul 23 15:30
Canada 3 mins

Cadillac Clown

Robin Aubert

Brimming with black humour, surrealism and freedom, CADILLAC CLOWN is the perfect oddity for Fantasia, but also the first cornerstone of Robin Aubert's cinematic oeuvre.

Aug 1 21:00
Quebec 65 mins

La Calesita

Augusto Schillaci

A heartfelt story of the beloved Argentinian merry-go-round operators who have dedicated their lives to providing fun and happiness to children and their neighborhoods.

Jul 29 13:30
Canada, USA, Argentina 9 mins


Élisa Moar

Embark on a carousel ride and let yourself be dazzled by a sequence of images and textures accompanied by impactful sound effects.

Jul 23 15:30
Canada 3 mins
Sold out

The Cassandra Cat

Vojtech Jasný

A cat with magical powers brings chaos to a small town when it reveals people’s hidden characters by changing their colour. This joyously inventive Czech new-wave classic returns in a striking new 4K resto...

Aug 9 19:15
Czech Republic 105 mins

Le Chat et le papillon de nuit

India Barnardo

Jul 22 13:30
Jul 29 13:30
Canada, United Kingdom 7 mins