World Premiere

The Moon, Sky and You

Directed by Hei Yau Lin

Hosted by Director Hei-Yau Lin.



Hei Yau Lin

Executive Producer

Siu Men Tam


Hei Yau Lin, Cheuk Yin Pang, King Hei Yiu


Phoebe Au, Jayden Cheung, Ceci Chui, Alma Kwok, Ching Tam


Wun Chung Sze-To




Graduate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Hong Kong 2022 62 mins OV Cantonese Subtitles : English
Genre DramaRomanceAction

In Hei Yau Lin’s debut feature, THE MOON, SKY AND YOU, high-school lovers fight against a hitman organization. Shot in black and white and dreamy colour reminiscent of early Wong Kar-Wai, the different scenes in the film are linked by a goldfish. The fish suffers many indignities — it’s flushed down a toilet, fed filet-o-fish, and witnesses one or two murders… you know, standard fish stuff. Capturing a sense of fleeting youth that the opening monologue likens to the passing beauty of the last moments of a sunset, THE MOON, SKY AND YOU quivers with violence, desire, and rage. As the filmmakers embrace the full potential of cinema, using split screens, different aspect ratios, dynamic camera movement and scintillating framing, THE MOON, SKY AND YOU also stands out as one of the most exciting audiovisual experiences of the year.

Director Hei Yau Lin was born in 2000, and THE MOON, SKY AND YOU is a student film for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It never feels like a student film, though, except in the way it explodes with ambition and experimentation. No frame is wasted; each shot is considered in terms of story, character and aesthetics. By embracing a more freewheeling narrative structure, the film keeps things simple and grounded in emotion, building on ideas and relationships through suggestion rather than more clichéd plot points. Blood-speckled and surreal, the film also features an incredible soundtrack, a disco ball, and a beautiful handmade carousel. THE MOON, SKY AND YOU stands out as one of the most exciting discoveries in recent years and the announcement of an exciting new talent. – Justine Smith