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As Long As We Both Shall Live

Ayuko Tsukahara

Adapted from a popular Japanese light novel series, this epic tale of empowerment, fantasy and unlikely romance follows Miyo after she is forced to marry a fearsome military commander named Kiyoka.

Aug 8 18:45
Japan 115 mins

Banana Anna

Jonathan Venne

Banana Anna, back from work, exhausted, after a day of work, is attacked by an intruder in her home. She fights him and throws him a volley. Turning around, she realizes that he was not alone and that full...

Jul 29 20:30
Quebec 1 mins

Beat It

Thomas Lorber

A young man relies on his passion for music and dance to escape his daily problems and to ensure his general wellbeing.

Jul 23 20:30
Canada, Quebec 18 mins

The Childe

Park Hoon-jung

A mixed-race boxer finds himself hunted by multiple assassins. This insane action film with a comic-book flavour needs to be seen with a wild crowd!

Aug 2 21:15
South Korea 118 mins

Crystal Crusaders

Michael Campisi

When a mysterious force releases the power of the fabled Dark Crystal, unleashing evil across the realm, it is up to an unlikely band of good-natured heroes to seek out the reclusive keeper of the Light Cr...

Aug 5 18:30
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

Home Run

Jordan Van Der Linden

Hyo-Ki, a local freelancer familiar with her city's streets, is hired by the police to meet and "seize" members of a human trafficking ring, but things get a little more interesting when her police contact...

Aug 5 18:30
Canada, Quebec 7 mins

Hundreds of Beavers

Mike Cheslik

A zany and anarchic homage to the silent film era pits a drunken applejack salesman against hundreds of beavers.

Jul 28 21:20
Jul 31 11:45
USA 108 mins


Maing Caochong

Without a word of dialogue, and battle action unparalleled in the medium, a stop-motion cyberpunk wuxia epic-in-miniature that simply must be seen to be believed.

Jul 30 14:00
China 15 mins

Mad Cats

Reiki Tsuno

After receiving a mysterious message containing clues to his missing brother’s whereabouts, Taka embarks on a quest that leads him to a gang of warrior women with extraordinary feline abilities.

Aug 4 21:30
Japan 88 mins

Marry My Dead Body

Cheng Wei-Hao

Ghost lore, gangsters, and gay pride collide in this three-way mash-up of supernatural goosebumps, high-octane police thrills and odd-couple comedy from Cheng Wei-hao (THE TAG-ALONG)

Jul 25 21:15
Taiwan 130 mins

Max Funk : Pour ton funk seulement

Benoit Ash, Alexandre Dubois, Alexandre B. Lampron, Guy Chagnon

Max Funk and his gang of special agents set off on a dangerous mission to save the people of Earth from the infamous Prezinstein! A lost (and found) film shot on MiniDV in early 2000.

Aug 5 20:30
Quebec 91 mins

The Moon, Sky and You

Hei Yau Lin

High school lovers (and a goldfish) fight against a hitman organization in this vibrant student film.

Aug 2 19:15
Aug 8 12:30
Hong Kong 62 mins

My Heart Is That Eternal Rose

Patrick Tam

Lovers separated by criminal conflicts reunite, but things get complicated. Bullets, loyalty, and love will shape everyone’s destiny in the Hong Kong new wave classic, recently restored.

Aug 6 14:00
Hong Kong 91 mins

Oldboy (4K)

Chan-Wook Park

One of South Korea's most influential films is finally gracing the Fantasia screen, in a sublime, 4K restored version.

Aug 9 21:30
South Korea 120 mins

The Primevals

David Allen

The longtime dream project of late filmmaker/effects artist David Allen finally sees completion, rife with eye-popping stop-motion as an expedition to find the Yeti uncovers far more frightening beings.

Jul 23 17:00
Jul 24 16:35
USA 100 mins


A gripping historical thriller that puts its audience on a permanent state of high alert, with intense performances by Ha Jung-woo and Ju Ji-hoon.

Aug 6 21:15
South Korea 132 mins

The Return of the Street Fighter

Shigehiro Ozawa

The second in the violent film series of films with a cult following which includes Quentin Tarantino, starring Sonny Chiba and... Claude Gagnon!

Jul 24 18:30
Japan 88 mins

Ride On

Larry Yang

Wild adventures come knocking for an aging stuntman and his beloved horse. A poignant reminder of why Jackie Chan is a truly beloved action star.

Jul 23 13:35
China 126 mins

The Roundup: No Way Out

Lee Sang-yong

Sergeant Ma Seok-do (Don Lee, TRAIN TO BUSAN) is back with a vengeance! His return delivers even more for action movie fans, with higher stakes, more epic confrontations, and the best gags yet.

Jul 21 18:45
South Korea 105 mins

A Score to Settle

Antoine Bernier

Being chased by a formidable foe they call "The Crow," our space cowboy, Lazy Laser, is mentally preparing for an unavoidable showdown.

Jul 23 20:30
Quebec 4 mins

Scream That Wouldn't End, The

Eric Lavoie

Ever since 1951, a particular scream has been heard over and over again in movies, and filmmakers like Ron Howard, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino and countless others have...

Aug 3 20:00
Quebec 5 mins

Sexy Joel and his Wagyu

Sam Proulx, Cédric Senécal

A Wagyu cow is being presented at an auction when Sexy Joel joins a group of buyers to eliminate them in order to retrieve his cow.

Aug 3 20:00
Quebec 5 mins


Kim Jaehyung

An office worker is forced to sign up for early retirement, only to be plagued by horrifying visions of his family's contemptuous gaze. A very relevant work about the fear of becoming irrelevant.

Jul 31 21:30
South Korea 12 mins

Stay Online

Yeva Strelnikova

A harrowing and urgent Ukrainian screenlife thriller that will have your heart in your throat, shot against the actual Russian invasion.

Jul 22 19:00
Jul 24 14:05
Ukraine 109 mins