Ride On

Directed by Larry Yang



Larry Yang


Larry Yang


Jackie Chan, Wu Jing, Liu Yanming

China 2023 126 mins OV Mandarin Subtitles : English
Genre Action

Famous stuntman Luo was once renowned for some of craziest stunts committed to celluloid. Recovering from an injury and heavily in debt, he isn’t as active or sought after as he was once was, and he’s making ends meet by doing cheap events with his trusty horse Red Hare. One day, after a fight with a loan shark involving Luo and his horse goes viral, fate reunites him with his estranged daughter, and some new opportunities and wild adventures come knocking once again. To complicate matters, his beloved horse is being pursued by its former owner. Are Luo and his buddy ready for one last ride?

RIDE ON is a true love letter to fans of Jackie Chan and the dying art of crazy stunts and action that don’t rely too much on technology to enhance the thrills. With over 100 films in a span of 50 years, and aging very gracefully, Chan is back in top form. Despite a somewhat absurd premise, RIDE ON is BLACK STALLION meets DRUNKEN MASTER, successfully balancing action, family drama, nostalgia, and humour while managing to touch our hearts. It’s a poignant reminder of why Jackie Chan is a truly beloved action star, and why we fell in love with his movies. – King-Wei Chu