Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Mad Cats

Directed by Reiki Tsuno


Official selection

Festival du film de Slamdance 2023
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2023
Fantaspoa 2023
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2023


Reiki Tsuno


Daisuke Urano


Reiki Tsuno


Sho Mineo, Yuya Matsuura, Ayane, Michael Aaron Stone, So Yamanaka


Shintaro Teramoto


Third Window Films

Japan 2022 88 mins OV Japanese/English Subtitles : English
Genre FantasyAction

“One hell of a ride... delivers a dose of cinematic pleasure... highly recommended”

“KUNG FU HUSTLE for cat lovers... nothing short of goofy effervescent fun... a sincere, madcap feline diversion that entertains”
– Norman Gidney, HORRORBUZZ

Is your cat plotting world domination behind your back? MAD CATS provides a glimpse of what that would look like! Ever since his archeologist brother Mune went missing, Taka’s life has mostly consisted of drinking, sleeping, and enduring the landlady’s nagging over unpaid rent money. One fateful day, after receiving a mysterious message containing clues to Mune’s whereabouts, he finally musters up the courage to leave his trailer and embarks on a quest that eventually leads him to a strange mansion inhabited by a gang of heavily armed warrior women with extraordinary feline abilities. With the help of two friends he met along the way — a hilarious homeless man with nothing better to do, and an enigmatic young woman with a taste for vengeance — Taka is about to uncover a secret involving ancient Egyptian catnip and shameless pet shop owners… But can he really rescue his brother?

Those who were with us for the Canadian Premiere of Shinichiro Ueda’s unforgettable ONE CUT OF THE DEAD in 2018 may remember writer-director Reiki Tsuno’s short film CRYING BITCH, with which it was paired. Some years and a pandemic later, we’re thrilled to be welcoming this explosive Japanese talent (and Troma Entertainment alumnus) back with a feature debut that couldn’t be more purrfect for Fantasia! Having already meowed audiences at Slamdance and BIFFF, this quirky action-comedy pokes fun at the stagey melodrama of classic martial arts films while successfully emulating some of their best attributes: well-choreographed combat, highly stylized set pieces, and creative carnage. Infusing all of it with that signature Japanese absurdity, MAD CATS unabashedly embraces its silly premise and is sure to charm cat lovers, as well as anyone who’s ever shared a special bond with their pet. – Alyssia Duval-Nguon