Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Marry My Dead Body

Directed by Cheng Wei-Hao


Official selection

Closing film - Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2022
Audience choice awards - Asian Pop-Up Cinema 2023
Official competition - Far East Film Festival 2023


13th NAFF Project Market - NAFF Awards winner

Asian Pop-Up Cinema Season16 (2023) - Audience choice winner


Cheng Wei-Hao


Cheng Wei-Hao, Sharon Wu


Greg Hsu, Austin Lin, Gingle Wang


Calendar Studios Co., Ltd

Taiwan 2023 130 mins OV Mandarin Subtitles : English
Genre ComedyFamilyFantasyAction

“A fast-paced, broadly comedic caper that enthusiastically and affectionately celebrates Taiwan’s queer community”

Macho, hotheaded police officer Wu is brazenly homophobic. He’s similarly revulsed and scornful of ghosts. So luck is not with him when, while collecting evidence following the high-speed pursuit of a drug dealer, he picks up a red envelope. It turns out the talisman was left there as bait by the grandmother of Mao Mao, killed by a hit-and-run driver before he could marry his boyfriend. Granny wants to arrange a “ghost marriage,” and if Wu doesn’t comply, endless misfortune will continue to plague him. Now it’s the phantom of Mao Mao — himself less than pleased with the arrangement — vexing Wu incessantly. The way out for the unhappy newlyweds is to fulfil Mao Mao’s various dying wishes (though stopping global warming might be a tall order). In exchange, Mao Mao might just be of service in restoring Wu’s professional standing, bringing drug lord Brother Hsiao to justice, and jumpstarting romance between Wu and his colleague, the lovely (and thus underappreciated) Officer Lin.

Taiwanese director Cheng Wei-Hao was responsible for the two super-successful TAG-ALONG urban-legend horror films, so he knows how to handle the spooky stuff. With his newest film, MARRY MY DEAD BODY, Cheng delivers a three-way mash-up, mixing the supernatural goosebumps he’s best known for with high-octane police thrills and odd-couple comedy that’s as remarkably progressive as it is laugh-out-loud funny. It’s a novel and ambitious idea, and Cheng and company make it work marvelously – it was a box-office hit at home. A trio of award-winning stars shine in the three main roles — TV star Greg Hsu, of the Netflix series NOWHERE MAN, is Wu, while Austin Lin (I WIERDO, Fantasia 2020) is Mao Mao and Gingle Wang of the horror hit DETENTION is Officer Lin. Ghost lore, gangsters, and gay pride collide, guaranteeing a good time at the movies! – Rupert Bottenberg