North American premiere
Selection 2023

Skin Deep (Aus meiner Haut)

Directed by Alex Schaad


Official selection

Venice International Film Festival 2022


Queer Lion Award, Venice Film Festival 2023


Alex Schaad


Alex Schaad, Dimitrij Schaad


Jonas Dassler, Mala Emde, Dimitrij Schaad, Thomas Wodianka, Maryam Zaree


Kino Lorber

Germany 2022 103 mins OV German Subtitles : English

“A body-swap film with a difference… takes a clever concept and develops it into a witty, provocative exploration of identity, gender fluidity, sexuality and the pursuit of happiness”
– Allan Hunter, SCREEN

“Unexpected and moving… touches on disturbing questions about the self and the origins of love”
– Elena Lazic, CINEUROPA

“Truly stunning. Intoxicating and dizzying, SKIN DEEP is the sort of film that sneakily drills deep to the emotional core, connecting with the viewer at their soul”
– Kat Hughes,THN

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to inhabit another body? To see with new eyes and feel with new skin? To experience things with a different chemical balance? A communal summer retreat set on a remote island provides young couple Leyla and Tristan with the opportunity to experience the world in a new light. Guided by Stella , a young girl in an old man's body, they embark on a body-swapping journey with Fabienne and Mo, another couple who visits the commune yearly. With it come the thrills of discovery, the joys of experience, the complications of life choices and genetic heredity, and long-buried longings coming to light.

Winner of the Queer Lion award at the Venice Film Festival, and garnering critical acclaim, Alex Schaad's SKIN DEEP is an intimate, character-driven science fiction and romance film which eschews easy laughs for genuine feelings, featuring a praiseworthy cast which deftly balances a rainbow of roles as bodies are swapped and mannerisms are picked up with seeming ease. It asks of the viewer to explore the questions of experience and identity with vulnerability and understanding. The film seeks to deepen the bonds that bind people to each other, with a life-affirming message, all while acknowledging the neural diversity we inhabit. Its original title, AUS MEINER HAUT, fittingly expresses the characters' yearning to live out of their skin. Special mention to cinematographer Ahmed El Nagar, who paints an intimate view of the protagonists as they go through their journey of self-dis/re/covery by keeping to a handheld style, pulling back every so often to take in the greater landscape, leaving Richard Ruzicka’s layered musical tapestry to round out the soundscape, allowing the actors’ lines and actions to breathe, but coming in like a wave as their personal dramas unfold. – Moustafa Chamli