Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Flaming Cloud (San Gui Qing Shi)

Directed by Liu Siyi



Liu Siyi


Fu Jia


Emily Qiu, Liu Siyi


Charles Hu, Yao Chen, Zhou Ye, Zhou Yiran, Zheng Yunlong


J. E. Zinke Florian


Parallax Films

China 2023 107 mins OV Mandarin Subtitles : English
Genre DramaFantasyRomanceMusical

Above the clouds, there’s a casino where deities wager on the lives of mortals to pass the time. Everything you can think of is embraced in the game, from thrilling horse races to the somewhat less exciting lifespan of turtles. One day, a newcomer eager to take a higher risk wants to bet on the existence of true love, with a wager of flaming clouds, implying the end of an immortal’s life. Chosen as their pawn, Sangui (Charles Hu), a newborn baby at that point, is cursed, causing everyone he kisses to fall into a deep sleep. Only true love holds the power to break the curse. Determined, Sangui sets out on a journey to White Stone City in search of a cure. During his adventures, he encounters Yu Yu (Zhou Ye), a dreamer yearning to become a princess, and a reclusive former superstar Xu Yuexia (Yao Chen, a bona fide top star herself). Finally, he arrives at his destiny, uncovering a clue that leads him to Ting Ting (Zhou Yiran), his long-lost love. However, the real test is only just beginning…

In her debut feature, director and co-writer Liu Siyi has crafted a distinctive, whimsical and romantic fantasy that weaves together dialogue, narration, music, and lyrics to craft a delightful three-chapter fairy tale. This exciting work reflects the passion of a young filmmaker and stands out as a rare treasure. Additionally, the film boasts a star-studded cast featuring Yao Chen (FIRESTORM, MONSTER HUNT) and Charles Hu (SONG OF THE PHOENIX, WANDERING EARTH II). The production team is also comprised of top talents in the industry, including cinematographer Florian Zinke (NINA WU, DOUBLE XPOSURE, SHANGHAI STRANGERS) and art director Zhang Fengyi (LUST, CAUTION, THE GRANDMASTER, GONE WITH THE BULLETS). Embark on a delightful summer odyssey as we venture on a captivating quest for love — it’s worth the gamble! – Xige Yi