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Bitches Kill Bitches

Hannah Panov

After a devastating breakup interrupts Audrey's first sleepover with the popular girls, the group must sing and dance their way to sisterhood and bloody revenge.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada, USA 17 mins

Drumming Makes You Happy

Josh Cohen

A mysterious and enthusiastic mystic shares his theory on how drumming can improve our lives and that anything or anyone can be a drum.

Jul 22 21:45
Jul 27 14:00
USA 2 mins

Flaming Cloud

Liu Siyi

Cursed with a sleep-inducing kiss by gambling deities, Sangui sets out on a journey to find a cure and his long-lost love, in Liu Siyi’s debut feature, a distinctive, whimsical and romantic fantasy.

Aug 3 18:45
China 107 mins


Nicholas Wandel

Set entirely to original music, Ghostwriters tells the story of two songwriters who are kidnapped and tortured in order to write a comeback hit for a popstar going through a public scandal.

Jul 23 20:30
Canada 19 mins

Max Funk : Pour ton funk seulement

Benoit Ash, Alexandre Dubois, Alexandre B. Lampron, Guy Chagnon

Max Funk and his gang of special agents set off on a dangerous mission to save the people of Earth from the infamous Prezinstein! A lost (and found) film shot on MiniDV in early 2000.

Aug 5 20:30
Quebec 91 mins
Sold out

Meet Again

Kang Apsol, Lee Yoorim

Sore over the absence of her overworked mother, a teenage girl runs away from home, and right into a nocturnal festival of supernatural creatures — one of whom has a mysterious connection with her.

Aug 5 19:15
Aug 8 14:30
South Korea 5 mins
Sold out

Poppy's Saturn

Nicole Tegelaar

When nightclub singer Poppy is confronted with a black-eyed man, she is overcome by fear.

Aug 8 21:00
Belgium, Netherlands 15 mins

Sleep Limbo

Tyler Davis

Evan drifts off to slumberland, but is greeted by an unexpected visitor.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 3 mins
Sold out

Write a Song About Heartache

Jonny Look

A musician finds a painful shortcut to writing new hits.

Jul 21 18:50
Jul 23 14:15
USA 13 mins

Y’a une étoile

Julien Cadieux

Transgender musician Samuel Leblanc crosses Acadia on a quest for identity that is as personal as it is cultural, in this hybrid documentary/musical, inspired by the music of Angèle Arsenault.

Jul 23 18:30
Canada 72 mins