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Takeshi Yagi

From ULTRAMAN director Yagi Takeshi, a reimagining of the kaiju vs. superheroine genre for a global audience — while honouring the authentic tokusatsu style of filmmaking.

Jul 22 13:15
Japan 6 mins

Ami d'ami

Simon Gualtieri

Jules is bi. Bi as in bisexual. Bi, even though he’s only slept with women. Bi and ready to try his first experience with Samuel, a friend of friend.

Jul 23 18:30
Quebec 15 mins

Architect A

Lee Jonghoon

A resonant, magical, flawlessly crafted tale about confronting grief, finding peace, and the joy of giving, from the eminent South Korean studio VCRWORKS.

Jul 30 16:20
South Korea 25 mins

Beurre de Pinottes

Maxime Divier

Dan is fed up. Fed up with his misfortunes, fed up with his bad luck and fed up with his life. He decided to end it by eating his last ban: peanuts.

Aug 5 20:30
Canada, Quebec 10 mins

Buffering...Please Wait

Samantha Lai

In the future, memories are captured in a chip, but what if they’re too painful to keep?

Jul 29 17:00
Canada 13 mins


Alexander Deeds

A young Bully bites off more than he can chew when he messes with the wrong Old Man in a nursing home.

Aug 7 18:45
USA 7 mins


Bronson Allen

Three girls find that camp activities don’t fulfil their curiosity about the world around them and beyond, so they create their own dangerous experiment.

Jul 31 21:25
Aug 7 12:00
Canada 3 mins
Sold out

La Chasse

Louka Hogue

One autumn day, Germain and his son Mathieu visit their old family home where, twenty years before, a tragedy turned their lives upside down. What happened? Why are they returning to a place that has been ...

Aug 4 18:30
Canada 9 mins

Les Crochets

Charles Parisé

For the first time, Alex finds himself in bed with a lady companion. As he is about to live this milestone, he faces the biggest challenge of his life...

Jul 30 20:30
Quebec 9 mins


Torbjörn Edwall

Two dairy farmers go out looking for a cow gone missing. Their search leads them deep into a mystery that will have them questioning themselves and their place in the milky way.

Aug 6 18:45
Aug 7 16:30
Sweden 14 mins


Alistair Quak

A young woman awakes with a broken limb and must use her survival skills and a flashlight to escape from a locked room.

Aug 7 21:30
Singapore 9 mins

Drumming Makes You Happy

Josh Cohen

A mysterious and enthusiastic mystic shares his theory on how drumming can improve our lives and that anything or anyone can be a drum.

Jul 22 21:45
Jul 27 14:00
USA 2 mins

Every House is Haunted

Bryce Mcguire

The realtor told them the house was haunted. That doesn't stop long-time couple, Maya and Danny, from moving in anyway.

Jul 27 21:30
Aug 9 12:00
USA 13 mins

First Blood

Olivia Loccisano

When a girl reaches a biological milestone and becomes a woman, she also awakens a new desire.

Aug 1 18:45
Aug 4 17:00
Canada 8 mins

Gertrude and Yvan Party Hard

Louise Groult

At a party, Gertrude meets Yvan. He would like to kiss her but finds her name repulsive.

Jul 21 21:35
France 9 mins


Ruwan Heggelman

Unknowingly, a young woman enters the habitat of a tribe of killer gnomes during her daily run.

Aug 5 19:30
Netherlands 6 mins

Good Condition

Frank Mosley

Barry's starting over.

Jul 23 21:40
Jul 25 16:15
USA 10 mins


Jessica Doucet

While the traditional boy-meets-girl romance movie often has a happy ending, the “ever-after” for a loving couple might be a sinister one.

Jul 29 22:00
Canada 12 mins

How To Get Rid Of Your Cheating Husband

Sebastian Ganschow

Margot and Linda are about to get Linda's Husband, who also happens to be Margot's Boyfriend, to prison, when the doorbell rings.

Jul 24 21:30
Jul 26 14:10
Germany 6 mins

The Influencer

Lael Rogers

A social media influencer describes her perfect day harvesting the eyes and minds of her followers to achieve immortality.

Jul 30 21:30
USA 10 mins


Maing Caochong

Without a word of dialogue, and battle action unparalleled in the medium, a stop-motion cyberpunk wuxia epic-in-miniature that simply must be seen to be believed.

Jul 30 14:00
China 15 mins

A Kind of Testament

Stephen Vuillemin

A woman’s web search reveals that someone else has been creating animated films from her social-media images. A rumination on art, identity, and regret, as exquisitely beautiful as it is disturbing.

Aug 6 18:45
France 16 mins


Tij D'oyen

A woman recounts her sensual yet macabre childhood memory about the boy next door.

Jul 26 21:35
Jul 27 16:10
USA 10 mins

Mr. Blur

Jacob Chase

What do you see when you take out your contacts?

Aug 5 22:00
USA 6 mins