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Kassy Gascho

Hungry for power and acceptance within the Bevlon community, Sofi throws a killer recruitment party. However, when blood stains the fluffy pink carpet, Sofi faces a dilemma: friendship or her downline?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 13 mins


Abby Falvo

A summoning takes on a new meaning with one creepy phone call!

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 3 mins

3PM Thursdays

Michele Kaye

Being the perfect fantasy at a dive bar can lead to unexpected horrors, but for who?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 7 mins

À pas furtifs

Raphaël J. Dostie

Julien visits his older sister, Sarah, who leads a cloistered life in a residential tower and no longer wants to see anyone. He discovers with terror that she has taken refuge in a hermetic world, surround...

Jul 28 20:45
Canada 11 mins

Ball-Pit. Wednesday. Lemonade.

Daniel Howard-Baker

A boy finds solace in a ball pit, at a soft play enclosure, until he is sucked down into an alternate dimension and greets his older self.

Aug 6 21:30
United Kingdom 7 mins

Bird Hostage

Lauren Andrews

After answering an ad, Lauren takes a job pet-sitting a stranger's parrot, Reggie. However, Lauren's life takes a turn when Reggie begins to speak, demanding he be freed immediately!

Jul 21 18:30
Canada 14 mins


Laura Moss

A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead. An inspired feminine reworking of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein...

Jul 31 18:45
USA 98 mins

Bitches Kill Bitches

Hannah Panov

After a devastating breakup interrupts Audrey's first sleepover with the popular girls, the group must sing and dance their way to sisterhood and bloody revenge.

Aug 6 21:30
Canada, USA 17 mins

Black Paris

Sid Santiago Zanforlin

Through the dark streets of Paris, danger lurks in a surreal war.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 4 mins


Larry Fessenden

Acclaimed horror auteur Larry Fessenden unleashes his long-mooted werewolf film, focusing on an artist struggling with his lycanthropy while his killings plunge a small New York town into paranoia.

Jul 20 21:45
Jul 27 11:30
USA 103 mins

A Body Transgressive

Charlie Galea McClure

A love letter to Frankenstein's Monster, the Queer Body, Theatre, and Horror Cinema, A Body Transgressive is an exploration of subversive existence.

Jul 28 20:45
Canada, Quebec 4 mins


Mary Dauterman

Anna’s best friend just died, her cat escaped and now she’s coughing up furballs. Mary Dauterman makes her feature debut in this darkly funny film about female friendship.

Jul 24 21:30
Jul 26 14:10
USA 78 mins


Alexander Deeds

A young Bully bites off more than he can chew when he messes with the wrong Old Man in a nursing home.

Aug 7 18:45
USA 7 mins


Bronson Allen

Three girls find that camp activities don’t fulfil their curiosity about the world around them and beyond, so they create their own dangerous experiment.

Jul 31 21:25
Aug 7 12:00
Canada 3 mins

Le Chasseur

Donavan Richard

When the rabbit has its own story, the story will no longer be written by the hunter.

Aug 5 18:30
Quebec 8 mins

Le Chasseur

Carlos Alan Ruiz Felix

A thief robs the home of a suspicious owner.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

A Chinese Ghost Story(35mm)

Ching Siu-Tung

The ultimate Hong Kong cult classic from producer Tsui Hark! Evil demons meet wuxia with humour, a tragic love story, a rap song, eye-popping effects, kinky undertones and exhilarating action.

Jul 22 14:15
Jul 26 12:15
Hong Kong 95 mins

Colin Carvey’s Long Halloween

Aaron Peacock

After being glued into his Halloween costume by a couple of bullies, Colin Carvey must convince the townspeople that he is not the monster he has been made out to be.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 11 mins

Cover Your Ears

Oskar Johansson

Oskar Johansson returns to the Fantasia screen after 2021’s KATU with a nightmarish film in which two sisters have devised a painstaking routine to avoid something unspeakable inside their home

Aug 2 21:30
Sweden 10 mins

Cursed Chain

Mohamed El-Husseini

An unexpected phone call leads a group of friends into one hell of a night.

Jul 21 20:30
Canada 4 mins

Dead Enders

Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker

Disaffected, young gas-station clerk Maya doesn't care about much besides messing with her manager and getting her beer discount at the end of the midnight shift.

Aug 4 19:30
USA 13 mins

Le Début de la faim

Jonathan Girard-Beauchemin

A short look into the challenges of dealing with a zombie bite.

Jul 29 20:30
Canada, Quebec 2 mins

Demon Box

Sean Wainsteim

After getting rejected from film festivals, a filmmaker reconstructs his deeply personal film into a magical-realist meditation on generational trauma and coping with demons of the past and present.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 14 mins


E Seul Monica An

As a symbol of their undying love, Yoon-il offers Hana his severed left ear. Morbid and sardonic (and thus so very South Korean), a romantic comedy that will make you wince and flinch while you giggle.

Jul 21 18:30
South Korea 25 mins