World Premiere


Directed by Mary Dauterman

Hosted by Director Mary Dauterman, Producer Lexi Tannenholtz, Co-Executive Producer Tristan Scott-Behrends. Cast Grace Glowicki and Sofia Dobrushin



Mary Dauterman

Executive Producer

Ley Line Entertainment, Neon Heart Productions, One Two Twenty Entertainment, Sanctuary Content, Lizzie Shapiro


Lexi Tannenholtz


Mary Dauterman


Garrick Bernard, Marcia Debonis, Grace Glowicki, Heather Matarazzo, Sofia Dobrushin


Kenny Suleimanagich

Sound Designer

Vinny Alfano


Zoe Polanski


Kyle Moriarty

Special Effects

Cooper Vacheron

Production Designer

Pili Weeber


Lexi Tannenholtz

USA 2023 78 mins OV English
Genre HorrorComedyFantasy

Do you like piña coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain? If your best friend just died, if you lost their cat and you’re coughing up furballs… you might need an escape. In Mary Dauterman’s feature debut, BOOGER, Anna is in this exact position. Her best friend, Izzy, just passed away, her landlord won’t stop calling about the rent, and she’s on the brink of losing her job. Home alone, Anna gets bit by Izzy’s grumpy cat, Booger, who jumps out of a window. As everyone around Anna tries to help her work through her grief, Anna’s singular focus is on finding her dead best friend’s cat and every day, she feels stranger and stranger. She’s hungry for canned fish, she keeps swallowing her hair, and her predatory instincts are out of control.

Mary Dauterman’s short film, WAKEY WAKEY (which stars the one and only Rachel Sennott), took Fantasia by storm when it premiered as part of the Born of Woman showcase in 2019. Now back with her first feature, Dauterman adopts a feminine point of view as she explores the deeply entrenched roots of intense female friendship. What happens when these friendships fall apart? Where does that leave us? As Anna, Grace Glowicki (STRAWBERRY MANSION) channels extreme alienation and refusal to deal with reality in a gripping and star-making performance that finds humour and pathos in coping with the impossible. The cast is rounded out with supporting performances by Garrick Bernard (SINGLE DRUNK FEMALE), Marcia DeBonis (FUNNY PAGES) and Heather Matarazzo (WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE). – Justine Smith