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Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

Successful salesman Shunsuke falls into a concrete manhole with no immediate way out, in this clever nailbiter balancing black humour, social satire, and nerve-wracking tension.

Jul 31 21:30
Japan 97 mins


Abby Falvo

A summoning takes on a new meaning with one creepy phone call!

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 3 mins
Sold out


Jennifer Zhang

A space pilot alone on a returning vessel finds herself in a frightening power struggle when her holographic virtual assistant suddenly begins to oppose its programming.

Aug 5 14:00
USA 17 mins


Laura Moss

A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead. An inspired feminine reworking of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein...

Jul 31 18:45
USA 98 mins


Alexander Deeds

A young Bully bites off more than he can chew when he messes with the wrong Old Man in a nursing home.

Aug 7 18:45
USA 7 mins

Cadillac Clown

Robin Aubert

Brimming with black humour, surrealism and freedom, CADILLAC CLOWN is the perfect oddity for Fantasia, but also the first cornerstone of Robin Aubert's cinematic oeuvre.

Aug 1 21:00
Quebec 65 mins
Sold out

Les Chambres rouges

Pascal Plante

The case of a serial killer who streamed his murders in the “red rooms” of the Dark Web has gone to trial, and Kelly-Anne is obsessed. A breathtaking thriller by Pascal Plante.

Jul 20 19:00
Canada 118 mins

The Childe

Park Hoon-jung

A mixed-race boxer finds himself hunted by multiple assassins. This insane action film with a comic-book flavour needs to be seen with a wild crowd!

Aug 2 21:15
South Korea 118 mins


Alistair Quak

A young woman awakes with a broken limb and must use her survival skills and a flashlight to escape from a locked room.

Aug 7 21:30
Singapore 9 mins


Kim Jae-hoon

A driven detective and a serial killer find their minds are trapped in each other's bodies. An over-the-top and insane body-swap thriller with non-stop suspense and brutal action.

Jul 26 21:15
South Korea 106 mins

East End Hustle

Frank Vitale

Cindy is determined to bring down those who have treated her like scum. Here, at last, is your chance to rediscover this Quebec exploitation film in a restored print

Jul 28 18:30
Canada, Quebec 91 mins

Eight Eyes

Austin Jennings

Vinegar Syndrome’s inaugural production, shot on 16mm in Serbia, is shocking and sure to disturb, bursting with tension and packing visually mind-bending jolts that will melt your eyes out their sockets.

Aug 4 21:35
Aug 6 11:45
USA, Serbia, Macedonia 86 mins


Onur Karaman

In an isolated country house, a woman is haunted by a menacing presence. A minimalist, atmospheric horror film shot in superb black and white.

Jul 22 18:30
Quebec 76 mins


Keaton Smith

A dog experiences auditory hallucinations of his master after coming in contact with an alien entity.

Aug 6 21:30
USA 7 mins

Evil Judgement

Claudio Castravelli

A sex worker launches her own investigation after the police fail to learn the identity of a local serial killer. A rarely seen ’80s Canuxploitation gem, made in Montreal and co-starring Nanette Workman!

Aug 3 21:25
Quebec 91 mins


Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

When drag artist Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) sees his closeted assailant (George MacKay) at a gay sauna, he begins dating him, hatching a plan for revenge. A riveting, unbearably tense queer thriller.

Jul 26 19:00
United Kingdom 99 mins
Sold out

Foreigners Only

Nuhash Humayun

The filmmaker behind MOSHARI (winner, Gold Audience Award, Fantasia 2022) is back with another socially charged short film that will make your skin crawl!

Jul 26 19:00
Bangladesh 15 mins

Get Away

Michael Gabriele

An inventive meta slasher reworking, winner of four audience awards (and counting!) on this year’s festival circuit.

Aug 2 21:30
USA 15 mins

The Hangman's Daughter

Josh Quirion

The Hangman has all but forgotten about his violent past. Until, one day, it returns in the form of four masked malefactors who’ve come to score the biggest prize of their career.

Aug 4 21:00
Canada 10 mins


Mark H. Rapaport

A wildly individualistic, deeply personal comedy of discomfort that you’ll be quoting for decades, achingly funny, sincerely strange, and marinated in polymorphous perversity.

Jul 26 21:35
Jul 27 16:10
USA 100 mins


Zoey Martinson

A young man under house arrest – in a haunted house. Brilliant and topical to the extreme.

Aug 2 21:30
USA 10 mins

The Influencer

Lael Rogers

A social media influencer describes her perfect day harvesting the eyes and minds of her followers to achieve immortality.

Jul 30 21:30
USA 10 mins

Light It Up at 2 AM

Yoo Jongseok

Based on the true story of a fire that broke out in an institute for girls in 1995.

Aug 2 19:15
Aug 8 12:30
South Korea 19 mins


Tij D'oyen

A woman recounts her sensual yet macabre childhood memory about the boy next door.

Jul 26 21:35
Jul 27 16:10
USA 10 mins