Presented by Vinegar Syndrome

Evil Judgement

Directed by Claudio Castravelli

Première mondiale de la nouvelle restauration 4K de Vinegar Syndrome!

Hosted by Director/Producer/Writer Claudio Castravelli, Producer Pietro L. Serapiglia, Screenwriter Victor Montesano.



Claudio Castravelli


Claudio Castravelli, Victor Montesano


Pamela Collyer, Jack Langedijk


Vinegar Syndrome

Quebec 1984 91 mins OV English
Genre HorrorThriller

“Compelling and alluring, Castravelli’s part slasher/part crime movie is well worth a revisit”
– Luisito Joaquín González, A SLASH ABOVE

“A homicidal maniac becomes judge, jury, and… EXECUTIONER!” After breaking up with her misogynist boyfriend (Jack Langedijk), Janet (Pamela Collyer) takes a swing at becoming a sex worker when she learns how lucrative it can be. However, due to a crackdown on the mob, along with the general ignorance on behalf of the police force, a homicidal maniac is allowed to escape into the shadows as he terrorizes Janet, killing her best friend (Nanette Workman!) and leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Taking justice into her own hands, Janet sets out to catch the serial killer by any means necessary in EVIL JUDGMENT, by local filmmaker Claudio Castravelli (DEUX SUPER-DINGUES).

The saviours of vintage exploitation cinema, Vinegar Syndrome, are at it again! This time, with the world premiere of their 4K restoration of Canuxploitation horror feature EVIL JUDGEMENT! Initially made in 1981 and released in 1984, this film is truly one for the depraved as it takes to the grimy streets of ’80s Montreal, diving headfirst into the stranglehold of the mob as well as corruption within the justice system. Leaning towards anti-authoritarianism, EVIL JUDGEMENT tackles the mistreatment and condemnation of sex workers which we still see 39 years later. Although tacking on heavy topics, this film is deceptively funny — you’ll find yourself laughing inbetween the kills at the eccentric cast of characters that bring Castravelli’s world to life. What starts as a slasher quickly shifts into a conspiracy thriller as strings of corruption are pulled and even more blood is shed, sending its audience down a blood-soaked winding road that will take a hard left turn you won’t see coming as the mystery unravels. Just remember… DON’T EAT THE SOUP! – Vincenzo Nappi