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Autosaurus Rex

Marcel Barelli

Jul 22 13:30
Switzerland 6 mins
Sold out

Bergen, Norway

Alexia Roc

Yesterday, I found the address of my abuser in the memory of my phone. I have no name, I have no face, I only have his address.

Aug 8 21:00
Quebec 9 mins

Demon Box

Sean Wainsteim

After getting rejected from film festivals, a filmmaker reconstructs his deeply personal film into a magical-realist meditation on generational trauma and coping with demons of the past and present.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 14 mins

A Disturbance in the Force

Jeremy Coon, Steve Kozak

The story of the making of THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, the infamous 1978 made-for-TV variety special monstrosity that's so bad even Jar Jar Binks would be embarrassed to be seen in it.

Jul 29 14:30
USA 87 mins

Entrevues en série

Catherine Côté-Moisescu, Jeremy Glavac

"Serial Encounters" is a series of mini-documentaries about our favorite serial killers. Today, we pay a visit to Jason Voorhees to find out what the star of the '80s has been up to after his resounding su...

Jul 21 20:30
Quebec 2 mins


Audrey Nantel-Gagnon

Jo-Ann, a 57-year-old bartender, wants to be a singer and actress. Oscillating between spectacular and intimate, between extra and ordinary, Jo-Ann uses her daily life to stage her dream role.

Aug 4 21:00
Canada 17 mins


Alyssia Labbé-Hervieux

The Furry community is made up of people who use drawing and costumes to bring animal characters with human characteristics to life. “Fursona” depicts the universe of Aly, a member of this community.

Jul 21 20:30
Jul 23 15:30
Canada, Quebec 5 mins

Satan Wants You

Sean Horlor, Steve J. Adams

The “Satanic Panic” craze took the world by storm during the ’80s and ’90s, but who knew it started in Canada — the home of the good — and would leave such an enduring mark on pop culture?

Jul 31 21:25
Aug 7 12:00
Canada 88 mins

The Scissors

Katia Kurtness

At the sound of cardboard being cut, Annette remembers the first time she cut out animal silhouettes and passes on this talent to her daughter Katia.

Jul 23 15:30
Canada, Quebec 3 mins

Scream That Wouldn't End, The

Eric Lavoie

Ever since 1951, a particular scream has been heard over and over again in movies, and filmmakers like Ron Howard, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino and countless others have...

Aug 3 20:00
Quebec 5 mins

Soup is Good Food

Alexandre Thériault

Francis has been living in his apartment for several years. However, his world quickly falls apart has he learns that he has five minutes to leave his apartment and pack his belongings.

Aug 4 21:00
Quebec 7 mins

tOuch Kink

Todd Max Carey

A documentary painting a detailed portrait of fans of BDSM, fetishism and other forms of kink, through a series of encounters that shed light on this discreet, often misrepresented community.

Jul 30 20:30
Canada, Quebec, USA, Costa Rica 75 mins

Y’a une étoile

Julien Cadieux

Transgender musician Samuel Leblanc crosses Acadia on a quest for identity that is as personal as it is cultural, in this hybrid documentary/musical, inspired by the music of Angèle Arsenault.

Jul 23 18:30
Canada 72 mins