tOuch Kink

Directed by Todd Max Carey

Hosted by Director Todd Max Carey, Producer Angie Rowntree and Cast, Simone Justice & Mistress Precious



Todd Max Carey

Executive Producer

Verleur Andries, Angie Rowntree


Todd Max Carey


Arie Van Dam

Sound Designer

Stefan Chamberland


Gala Aranaga, Shoshana Samole (Zisk)


Carey Todd Max


Seven Journeys Films

Official website

Canada, Quebec, USA, Costa Rica 2023 75 mins OV English Subtitles : French
Genre Documentary

The kink community has a huge following, and would probably be even bigger if certain people dared to ask questions. The documentary TOUCH will probably provide the answers by painting a vivid portrait of enthusiasts of BDSM, fetishism, and other kink. We follow Grace, a suburban woman who discovers the pleasures of domination; Mistress Evilyn, a professional dominatrix; and Robin, who leads a double life as a slave and the property of a dominatrix. These are people who could be your neighbours, living their kink to the fullest in their private lives!

The documentary goes back to the ancient roots of this passion and desire, and paints a fairly thorough portrait of the different kinks to be found in the community. Some go in for bondage, others for pony play — everyone is happy here and can emancipate themselves in their own way. It’s this freedom and self-respect that’s celebrated here, where everyone can accept their differences without shame. The film also acts as a guide for novices, talking about the notion of consent within the community, as well as safety rules when playing with one’s partner(s).

Director Todd “Max” Carey aims to shine a spotlight on this community, which is often in the shadows or poorly represented in public opinion. He hopes that his film will shift preconceived notions from another era and break down taboos about kink lovers. We meet blossoming individuals who have chosen to live their passions to the hilt, and we witness them in action at various events and dungeons near you. – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg