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100 Yards

Haofeng Xu, Junfeng Xu

Family secrets, demimonde politics, and romantic entanglements complicate the rivalry between two skilled martial artists in the latest from masterful genre auteur Xu Haofeng.

Aug 4 13:35
China 109 mins



A couple move to the country and meet a neighbour, who starts visiting them every afternoon at exactly 4pm. A riveting psychological thriller with brilliant storytelling, great characters and endless suspe...

Jul 18 21:30
South Korea 111 mins


Henri Carreau, Charles Girard-Beaupré

In a dystopian world, a masked figure commutes to work. For him, everything is normal, but things truly aren't.

Jul 19 19:00
Canada, Quebec 3 mins


Byun Changwoo

Deceived and mistreated, a group of disabled people begin to resist their oppressor in this intense and unsettling shocker that demands your attention in its battle against prejudice. Absolutely unhinged.

Jul 18 21:30
South Korea 20 mins

À la conquête de la crème fraîche

Gabriel Auclair-doucet

Jacking off is not always an easy task. Gaétan will pay the price, since he's willing to do anything to relieve himself alone at home.

Jul 19 21:10
Quebec 4 mins

A Little Longer

Connor Kujawinski

Moments before his death in a time not far from now, a man uses an experiential headset to revisit cherished memories – or at least, the few that his plan can afford.

Jul 21 14:00
Canada 3 mins

The A-Frame


After enlisting a black-market quantum physicist's aid due to a cancer diagnosis, Donna must face the consequences of her miraculous experimental treatment once the scientist's true intentions surface.

Jul 18 21:30
Jul 19 17:00
USA 83 mins


André Forcier

In the 1950s, when the Catholic Church ruled over Quebec, the clergy are confronted by the people they mean to oppress. A tale told with sensitivity, humour, and quite literally, a lot of heart.

Aug 4 18:30
Canada 94 mins

The Accomplices

Alberto Evangelio

Spanish filmmaker Alberto Evangelio casts a dark, horror lens on compassionate assisted death, to chillingly moving effect.

Jul 31 21:30
Spain 14 mins

Adrianne & the Castle

Shannon Walsh

A documentary about Alan and Adrianne—their love, his grief and the magic that breaks down the line between dream and reality.

Jul 20 18:45
Canada 86 mins


Gaëtan Borneuf

A meeting on the moon will brighten up Luna's life and make her discover herself more deeply in a breathtaking world.

Aug 2 21:00
Canada, Quebec 8 mins


Jonathan Gutierrez

Joe has matched with Sophie on Tinder. This is the story of their first date.

Jul 20 21:00
Canada, Quebec 15 mins

L’ affrontement

Amélie Turpin

One battle, four friends... one life. At a table, shooting at one another... a confrontation without equal.

Jul 26 19:00
Quebec 8 mins

African American Express

Sydnie Baynes

Borrowing the style of Soviet animated propaganda, a reflection on the complexities of materialism and conspicuous consumption in the Black community.

Jul 28 21:15
Aug 3 17:30
Canada 3 mins

Afternoon Tea Chez Mrs. Pillbug


A group of aristocratic bugs gather for a peaceful afternoon of tea and chatter. When scandalous information is suddenly revealed, a smug remark escalates into a catfight... or more accurately a bugfight.

Jul 27 14:00
Canada, Quebec 1 mins

Agua Tibia Spring

Camilo Mangas Calderón

Sofia, a young trumpeter, prepares herself for the reunion with her childhood friend Paula. But fearing that their bond may have faded, Sofia revisits their memories to give her a welcoming gift - a song.

Jul 27 14:00
Canada, Nicaragua 19 mins

Aking Senakulo

Jela Dela Peña

In a church, a figure is transported in a dream-like place where they share food offerings and intimate touches with another being.

Jul 28 21:15
Canada 10 mins


Dakyoung Lee

In a world where no one greets each other, a child says hello to the world.

Jul 20 14:00
South Korea 2 mins

Amy and Frog

Paul Williams

Let’s take a break and follow Amy to meet her friends, to find her courage and confidence. A warm and soothing fairytale with a simple, even childlike style.

Jul 27 13:30
United Kingdom, China 11 mins


Oskar Johansson

A mother and daughter move into an old family house. The daughter struggles to adjust to the house and, to the mother's great horror, begins feeling an increasingly intense attraction to a locked door upst...

Jul 29 21:30
Sweden 12 mins

Animalia Paradoxa

Niles Atallah

An amphibious humanoid yearns for the sea amidst the ruins of a dying world. Live action, dance, sculpture, and stop-motion animation combine in a dreamlike structure liberated from convention.

Jul 20 17:00
Jul 25 14:50
Chile 82 mins


Huang Yun-Sian, Raito Low

As the conflicts and frustrations of our times intensify and multiply, are we losing sight of what matters most? A visually splendrous detour into deeper reflection.

Aug 3 17:30
Taiwan 11 mins

Un après-midi à se fesser dessus

Garance Chagnon-Grégoire

Moving day is fast approaching for the Bouchard-Beauregard family, but a televised boxing match creates pandemonium within the already dysfunctional family.

Jul 19 21:10
Quebec 15 mins

Art Baby

Pony Nicole Herauf

Art Baby is an absurdist short, exploring the relationship between fiction and reality, and creative expression and privacy.

Jul 29 16:25
Canada 6 mins