International Premiere
Selection 2024

The A-Frame




Calvin Reeder

Executive Producer

Craig Zobel


Angelia Adzic, Vincent Grawshaw, Ran Namerode, Cole Payne


Calvin Reeder


Laketa Caston, Nik Dodani, Dana Namerode, Johnny Whitworth


Brandt Hackney

Sound Designer

Nathan Ruyle


Wingo David


Zach Clark

Special Effects

Cantina Creative, Alan B. Holt

Production Designer

Tremblay Anton


Traverse Media

USA 2024 83 mins OV English

Donna (Dana Namerode, WHAT JOSIAH SAW), a talented pianist, is crushed when she is diagnosed with a form of bone cancer that directly affects her hand and her ability to play the piano. Her life takes a dramatic turn when the doctor recommends amputation as the only solution to preventing the spread of the disease. This shifts her life from one filled with music, joy, and friends, to a series of hospital visits, group counseling sessions, and… quantum physics. After exhausting all other options, Donna is presented with a final chance to keep her hand. Enter Sam (Johnny Whitworth, LIMITLESS), a mysterious black-market scientist, who holds the key to solving all of Donna’s problems. However, when ambitions get high and egos go unchecked, Sam’s intentions come into question.

From AI DJs and cloning dogs to virtual reality and robots performing surgeries on grapes, H. G. Well’s future seems closer to our reach than ever before. With his newest feature film, THE A-FRAME, Calvin Reeder (THE OREGONIAN, THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL) challenges this idea of so-called progress by questioning the morality of these advancements. With old-school genre sensibilities made fresh, Reeder establishes himself as a writer/director to watch as he navigates such touchy subjects with extreme empathy and a sense of playfulness. Through trippy visuals and practical effects, Reeder’s direction infuses THE A-FRAME with buckets of emotion (and blood), grabbing both your heart and your eyes. Made more poignant by its relatable cast of characters including Namerode, Whitworth, Nik Dodani (TWISTERS), and Phillip Andre Botello (ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS), THE A-FRAME delivers a gripping sci-fi thriller with a pitch-black sense of humour, cautioning its viewers that every miracle comes at a price that you may not be willing to pay! - Vincenzo Nappi