Presented by Québecor

Quebec premiere
Selection 2024


Directed by Damian McCarthy


Official selection

SXSW 2024
Overlook Film Festival 2024
Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival 2024
Chicago Critics Film Festival 2024
Seattle International Film Festival 2024


Midnighter Audience Award - SXSW 2024

Audience Award - Overlook Film Festival 2024


Damian McCarthy


Katie Holly, Evan Horan, Mette-Marie Kongsved, Laura Tunstall


Damian McCarthy


Carolyn Bracken, Gwilym Lee


IFC Films / Shudder / RLJE Films

United Kingdom 2024 98 mins OV English
Genre Horror

“Brilliant, bespoke, and tightly entertaining… A richly imagined three-ring circus of genre concepts”
– Alison Foreman, INDIEWIRE

“Really damn scary”
– Mary Beth McAndrews, DREAD CENTRAL

“Genuinely and consistently unsettling… Has a cold, unpredictable aesthetic that makes it equally riveting and tense”
– Brian Tallerico, EBERT.COM

Darcy (Carolyn Bracken, YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER) is a blind medium blessed with genuine occult abilities. She runs an antique shop, secretly collecting haunted and cursed items. Through a chance encounter, Darcy begins to decipher terrible secrets about her twin sister’s unsolved murder. A murder once presumed to have been perpetrated by a patient from a nearby mental-health institution, who was soon afterwards himself found dead, his head crushed to pieces with only a glass eye remaining unscathed. With the otherworldly help of a nightmarish wooden mannequin, Darcy embarks on a fact-finding mission of supernatural retribution, opening doorways into pure horror.

Scary as hell and bursting at the seams with imaginative concepts and nerve-shredding jolts, ODDITY is the astonishing sophomore feature from Irish maestro Damian McCarthy (CAVEAT). Like a haunted house hall of mirrors crashing through a tense home-invasion thriller, the film is captivatingly told in a puzzle-out-of-sequence structure seemingly channeled directly from a fever dream. With breathtaking control, McCarthy conjures a bona fide symphony of dread through a darkly playful direction style that toys with the audience’s nerves like a wolf teasing prey. Bracken hits a multitude of knockouts in an unforgettable dual performance, complemented by a stellar cast that includes Gwilym Lee (BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY), Tadhg Murphy (THE NORTHMAN), Steve Wall (DUNE: PART 2) and newcomer Caroline Menton. Packed with ideas and armed with jet-black wit, ODDITY will have you firmly on the edge of your seat. It will revisit you at the edge of your nightmares. – Mitch Davis