International Premiere
Selection 2023

MAYHEM! (Farang) (Farang)

Directed by Xavier Gens

Hosted by Director Xavier Gens.



Xavier Gens


Xavier Gens, Guillaume Lemans, Magali Rossitto


Olivier Gourmet, Nassim Lyes, Vithaya Pansringarm


IFC Films

France, Thailand 2023 99 mins OV Thai/French Subtitles : English

« Brutal, fulgurant, spectaculaire »

Sam (Nassim Lyes) is a man without freedom. With a few months left on his prison sentence, the amateur boxer enters a work furlough program that allows him to taste the freedom to come. But that freedom proves elusive and a tragic event forces Sam to flee to Thailand, where years later he believes he's found it with a loving wife (Loryn Nounay) and daughter. They hope to build a new life on a beachfront property, but ruthless local gangster Narong (Olivier Gourmet) stands in their way. In order to obtain their liberty, Sam must do a favour for Narong, but when it goes south, Narong attacks Sam's family, forcing Sam to fight for his life, his family and, once again, his freedom. Fighting, however, is what Sam truly knows and does best and mercy be to anyone who gets in the way.

MAYHEM! (released overseas as FARANG) marks the welcome return of Xavier Gens to Fantasia, and for those who only know his horror films like FRONTIER(S), this action-packed revenge thriller may prove a surprise. But to those of us who remember HITMAN or his episodes of GANGS OF LONDON, this is the Xavier Gens we've been waiting for. Brutal and often unrelentingly violent, MAYHEM! is hardcore, kick-ass action in every way. It's as though this movie was made specifically to blow the roof off Fantasia, and by the time the incredible climax arrives, you are all going to lose your shit. Gens shoots the action as lean and mean as possible with incredible fight choreography, and has found a commanding new action star in Lyes, a former MMA fighter who handles the film's emotions as well as he does the intense action. MAYHEM! has everything Fantasia audiences want — action, violence, strong heroes — and it has them in spades. You're gonna love this one. – Matthew Kiernan