Presented by Nongshim America INC,Korean Cultural Centre in Canada

North American premiere
Cheval Noir


Directed by Lee Hae-young


Official selection

Udine Far East Film Festival 2023
Fribourg International Film Festival 2023


Lee Hae-young


Lee Hae-young


Sul Kyung-gu, Lee Ha-nee, Park So-dam, Park Hae-soo, Seo Hyun-woo



Sound Designer






South Korea 2023 133 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English

“A colorful, classy spy action film... invites the audience to immerse themselves in stunt-studded action... there is no let up in the suspense”
– Kim Da-sol, KOREA HERALD

The 1930s were truly a dark time in Korean history. During the Japanese colonization of Korea in 1933, anti-occupation groups have been resisting the oppression of the ruthless Imperial government. After a failed assassination attempt on the newly appointed governor-general, security chief Kaito leads an investigation to hunt down the “Phantom,” a spy who’s part of a resistance group called the Shadow Corps. Five people are suspected of possibly being the Phantom, and Kaito locks them inside a remote hotel. Under suspicion are former police officer Junji, now communications department director of the police bureau, secretary Yuriko, cryptologist Mr. Cheon, communications department official Park Cha-kyung, and Baek-ho, who’s part of the same division as Cha-kyung. Time is ticking away and there are listening devices in every room in the hotel. The suspects must prove their innocence and find out who’s the so-called Phantom among them.

Back in 2018, Lee Hae-young’s action crime thriller BELIEVER had its Quebec premiere at Fantasia, and now the festival is enormously proud to present his latest feature PHANTOM. Filled with suspense and tension, the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, deeply invested in the mystery surrounding these characters. Not only is it riveting, thanks to a compelling screenplay and brilliant direction, but the film also features an incredible cast of insanely talented actors including Sul Kyung-gu (Fantasia 2019’s IDOL), Lee Hanee (Fantasia 2019’s EXTREME JOB), Park So-dam (PARASITE, Fantasia 2022’s SPECIAL DELIVERY), Park Hae-soo (SQUID GAME) and Seo Hyun-woo (DECISION TO LEAVE). All of them deliver amazing performances, both as an ensemble and individually. With a great mix of action, mystery and thrills, PHANTOM is yet another remarkable South Korean feature made to be seen with the Fantasia audience! – Steven Lee