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Jared Moshé

Judy Greer and Edi Gathegi star in a time-bending sci-fi/drama knockout that grapples with ripple effects of morally fraught choices and raises timely questions about ethics in technological innovation.

Jul 27 18:50
Jul 28 13:00
USA 104 mins
Sold out

Les Chambres rouges

Pascal Plante

The case of a serial killer who streamed his murders in the “red rooms” of the Dark Web has gone to trial, and Kelly-Anne is obsessed. A breathtaking thriller by Pascal Plante.

Jul 20 19:00
Canada 118 mins


Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

When drag artist Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) sees his closeted assailant (George MacKay) at a gay sauna, he begins dating him, hatching a plan for revenge. A riveting, unbearably tense queer thriller.

Jul 26 19:00
United Kingdom 99 mins


Mark H. Rapaport

A wildly individualistic, deeply personal comedy of discomfort that you’ll be quoting for decades, achingly funny, sincerely strange, and marinated in polymorphous perversity.

Jul 26 21:35
Jul 27 16:10
USA 100 mins

Insomniacs After School

Chihiro Ikeda

Suffering from chronic insomnia that makes him irritable and distant, Ganta Nakami struggles to fit in at Kuyo High School.

Jul 25 18:50
Jul 26 16:15
Japan 113 mins

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Teresa Sutherland

Lennon is a park ranger in an isolated forest outpost. Visions start to appear blending the past, present, and perhaps something even more sinister that lays dormant at the roots of this landscape.

Jul 23 21:40
Jul 25 16:15
USA 87 mins

Ms. Apocalypse

Lim Sun-ae

In this bittersweet story of unrequited love, Young-mi is released from jail after helping her secret flame embezzle money from their employer, and is confronted by his belligerent wife on the way out.

Jul 28 18:35
Jul 29 12:00
South Korea 115 mins


Lee Hae-young

During the Japanese colonization of Korea, five suspects must prove their innocence and find out who’s the spy among them in this intense, star-studded period thriller from Lee Hae-young (BELIEVER).

Aug 1 18:45
South Korea 133 mins


Junta Yamaguchi

A traditional Kyoto inn is looping two minutes at a time! Junta Yamaguchi of BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES returns with his latest time-travel experiment!

Jul 28 19:00
Japan 82 mins

Stay Online

Yeva Strelnikova

A harrowing and urgent Ukrainian screenlife thriller that will have your heart in your throat, shot against the actual Russian invasion.

Jul 22 19:00
Jul 24 14:05
Ukraine 109 mins

Tiger Stripes

Amanda Nell Eu

The first of her friends to hit puberty, 12-year-old Zaffan must embrace the monster within. A delightful Malay-Muslim addition to the canon of feminist body horror!

Jul 24 19:00
Germany, Taiwan, France, Malaysia 95 mins

Vincent Must Die

Stéphan Castang

Random strangers have suddenly started attacking Vincent with murderous intent in this wild, high-energy kaleidoscope of genres, at once horror, comedy, romance, fantasy, and thriller. Fresh from Cannes!

Jul 21 21:35
France 108 mins

Where the Devil Roams

John Adams, Zelda Adams, Toby Poser

The dying carnival circuit of Depression-era America is the backdrop for this freakish, fascinating new nightmare from the brilliant filmmaking family behind HELLBENDER and THE DEEPER YOU DIG.

Jul 27 21:30
Aug 9 12:00
USA 93 mins