World Premiere
Cheval Noir

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Directed by Teresa Sutherland

Hosted by Director and writer Teresa Sutherland as well as executive producers Marco Baray, Elan Gale, Matthew Welty and Molly Quinn.



Teresa Sutherland

Executive Producer

Stefanie Coimbra, Elan Gale, Kevin Park, Molly C. Quinn, Matthew M. Welty, Marco Baray


Josh C. Waller


Teresa Sutherland


Nick Blood, Georgina Campbell, Wai Ching Ho


Rui Poças


Shida Shahabi


Alexandra Amick



USA 2023 87 mins OV English
Genre Horror

Robert Frost’s immortal lament to the woods is blasted into the cosmos in Teresa Sutherland’s feature debut LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP. The enigmatic Lennon (the incomparably talented Georgina Campbell of 2022’s BARBARIAN) is granted a long-awaited position as a park ranger in an isolated outpost. Immediately, the woods tower ominous and great, and are strangely shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories pertaining to bizarre disappearances. Once Lennon settles into this minimalist life, visions quickly start to manifest, blending the past, present, and perhaps something even more sinister lurking in the serene, writhing landscape. Steadily, Lennon descends further and further into the horror that lays dormant at the roots of this landscape. As these mysteries arise and blossom, the lines between reality and dream quickly begin to blur twisting and turning like vines.

Having previously penned genre favourite THE WIND (2021) and been a writer on MIDNIGHT MASS (2022), Sutherland transcends the page with her feature debut to brilliantly conjure on screen a haunting and immersive fever dream. The woods come alive in LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP in the most uncanny and terrifying ways, both strange and familiar simultaneously. Georgina Campbell’s expressive and harrowing presence is transfixing as the woods quickly start to close in on the lowly wanderer in search of answers. Horror in the veins of folk, psychological and a tinge of cosmic, LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP demonstrates that sometimes the road less travelled should remain that way. The World Premiere of LOVELY, DARK, AND DEEP is happening at the 2023 edition of Fantasia and will be an experience not to be missed. – Justin Langlois