Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

In My Mother's Skin

Directed by Kenneth Dagatan


Official selection

Midnight section - Sundance Film Festival 2023
Harbor section - International Film Festival Rotterdam 2023
Official competition - Udine Far East Film Festival 2023
Official competition - Brussels BIFFF 2023


Kenneth Dagatan

Executive Producer

Paulyn Chua, Eric Khoo, Teck Lim


Bianca Balbuena, Stefano Centini, Junxiang Huang, Bradley Liew


Kenneth Dagatan


Angeli Bayani, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, James Mavie Estrella, Beauty Gonzalez, Ronnie Lazaro, Felicity Kyle Napuli, Arnold Reyes


Russell Morton

Sound Designer

Yi Ling Chen, Eddie Huang


SiNg Wu


Ming-Cheng Kao


Amazon Studios

Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore 2023 97 mins OV Filipino Subtitles : English
Genre Horror

“Gory, glittery and irresistibly bleak... a stylish, ripe contribution to the folk-horror canon”

“Excavates historical horrors to unforgettable, gripping, mesmerizing effect”
– Mel Valentin, SCREEN ANARCHY

The final days of the Second World War are a dire time in the Philippines. The Americans are closing in and the collapsing Japanese occupation escalates its viciousness. Teenager Tala’s father, a wealthy merchant, has left their isolated rural estate on a dubious venture to secure his family’s safety, while her mother has fallen grievously ill. Food is now scarce, so Tala and her little brother Bayani disobey the household rule and venture into the dark forest beyond the villa. There they find terrible things, grisly hallmarks of war’s toll, but Tala discovers something else in the woods, something otherworldly. In a strange, secluded hut, she comes face to face with a beautiful fairy, whose sorcerous benevolence seems too good to be true...

Horrors can be found as surely in the history books as in the fireside fables handed down through the years. Filipino director Kenneth Dagatan’s second feature film revisits a few of the themes of his 2018 frightener MA — the sick mother, the desperate child, the supernatural entity offering hope at a horrible price. Context is of greater concern this time, as Dagatan nests his gory, gothic nightmare amid the monstrosities war visits on the innocent, in a time and place of perfidy, dread, and desolation. The capable cast, including Jasmine Curtis-Smith (TRANSIT, MIDNIGHT IN A PERFECT WORLD) as the sweet yet sinister fairy, has at its heart a sympathetic turn by teenage actor Felicity Kyle Napuli as Tala. Beautifully shot and elegantly paced, Dagatan’s IN MY MOTHER’S SKIN is a Filipino folk-horror fairy tale to freeze the blood in your veins. – Rupert Bottenberg