World Premiere
Septentrion Shadows


Directed by Zachary Bennett

Hosted by Director Zachary Bennett, Producer Samantha Little, Artistic Team Meaghan Denomme, Cast Julian Richings.

Canada 2023 8 mins OV English
Genre Drama

On a bright, beautiful day, a man and a woman recount fond memories and some really good times they’ve shared. They laugh easily together in their car, but something’s not quite right, and certain details fail the man, leaving the woman the task of reminding him to keep himself alive. Starring Julian Richings (SUPERNATURAL) and Jean Yoon (KIM’S CONVENIENCE), longtime Canadian actor Zachary Bennett dons a director’s cap after a recent role in RELAX I’M FROM THE FUTURE to create an evocative gut-punch of a film with the emotional T-BONE. – Carolyn Mauricette