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Kassy Gascho

Hungry for power and acceptance within the Bevlon community, Sofi throws a killer recruitment party. However, when blood stains the fluffy pink carpet, Sofi faces a dilemma: friendship or her downline?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 13 mins


Abby Falvo

A summoning takes on a new meaning with one creepy phone call!

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 3 mins

3PM Thursdays

Michele Kaye

Being the perfect fantasy at a dive bar can lead to unexpected horrors, but for who?

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 7 mins

Black Paris

Sid Santiago Zanforlin

Through the dark streets of Paris, danger lurks in a surreal war.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 4 mins

Buffering...Please Wait

Samantha Lai

In the future, memories are captured in a chip, but what if they’re too painful to keep?

Jul 29 17:00
Canada 13 mins


Bronson Allen

Three girls find that camp activities don’t fulfil their curiosity about the world around them and beyond, so they create their own dangerous experiment.

Jul 31 21:25
Aug 7 12:00
Canada 3 mins

Colin Carvey’s Long Halloween

Aaron Peacock

After being glued into his Halloween costume by a couple of bullies, Colin Carvey must convince the townspeople that he is not the monster he has been made out to be.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 11 mins


Kate Kroll

With only one goal, to conquer every galaxy, Dreadlord crash-lands into a comic-book convention on Earth in a race to become the leader of the world before his rivals can beat him to the punch.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 7 mins

Daughter of the Sun

Ryan Ward

Secrets, legacies and danger pave the road toward acceptance for a father and daughter.

Jul 29 17:00
Canada, USA 116 mins

Demon Box

Sean Wainsteim

After getting rejected from film festivals, a filmmaker reconstructs his deeply personal film into a magical-realist meditation on generational trauma and coping with demons of the past and present.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 14 mins

First Blood

Olivia Loccisano

When a girl reaches a biological milestone and becomes a woman, she also awakens a new desire.

Aug 1 18:45
Aug 4 17:00
Canada 8 mins


Jessica Doucet

While the traditional boy-meets-girl romance movie often has a happy ending, the “ever-after” for a loving couple might be a sinister one.

Jul 29 22:00
Canada 12 mins


Joseph Carney

After getting dropped from a writers’ festival for making controversial statements, an out-of-touch novelist must accept that he has become a living fossil.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 13 mins

My Animal

Jacqueline Castel

Hockey and a small Canadian town serve as the backdrop to a reimagining of a familiar folkloric monster.

Aug 1 18:45
Aug 4 17:00
Canada 103 mins


Sasha Argirov

In a toxic home environment, an emotionally stunted son and narcissistic mother teeter on the edge of sanity. When an unexpected visitor arrives, dark urges awaken within the son, pushing him over the edge...

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 15 mins

The Pink

Ingrid Haas

You’re not just a mom, you’re a woman who helps women — you’re a woman who’s part of…The Pink.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada, USA 7 mins
Sold out


Robert Cuffley

A young woman is at the mercy of dangers hidden in a state-of-the-art safe house.

Aug 7 21:30
Canada 85 mins

The Sacrifice Game

Jenn Wexler

Satanic machinations, school girls, and a deep secret make for a bloody battle of wits and survival!

Jul 28 21:30
Aug 9 21:30
Canada 100 mins

Satan Wants You

Sean Horlor, Steve J. Adams

The “Satanic Panic” craze took the world by storm during the ’80s and ’90s, but who knew it started in Canada — the home of the good — and would leave such an enduring mark on pop culture?

Jul 31 21:25
Aug 7 12:00
Canada 88 mins


Lu Asfaha

When personalities clash at the office, it’s not just politics at play.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 13 mins


Zachary Bennett

A couple reminisces about their relationship—the good times, the silly times, but the gulf between them may not be “insurmountable.”

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 8 mins

Thriving: A Dissociated Reverie

Nicole Bazuin

Coming to terms with their dissociative identity disorder diagnosis, Kitoko Mai takes us through their different alters, the roles they play in their life, and how they help them cope with past trauma.

Aug 8 21:30
Canada 10 mins

White Noise

Tamara Scherbak

The slightest sounds become a booming horror for one desperate woman.

Jul 23 20:30
Aug 7 21:30
Canada 17 mins

With Love and a Major Organ

Kim Albright

In a not-so-distant dystopian world with app-controlled lives, yearning for love just might steal your heart.

Jul 29 22:00
Canada 92 mins