North American premiere

A Night With Moosina (Wang Shen Zhi Ye)

Directed by Tsai Shiu-Cheng


Official selection

Kaohsiung Film Festival 2023
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2023
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2023


Tsai Shiu-Cheng


Mandarin Vision Co., Ltd.

Taiwan 2022 26 mins OV Hokkien Subtitles : English
Genre Animation

After a classmate returns, disturbingly different, from a disappearance in the forest, it’s the turn of 10-year-old country girl Chun Mei to be lured to the mountainside lair of a malevolent spirit. Human relations with other creatures great and small inform this ghastly yet gorgeous new work from award-winning Taiwanese animator Tsai Shiu-Cheng (TIME OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS), adapting the writing of novelist Gan Yao Ming. – Rupert Bottenberg