World Premiere
Selection 2024

Hell Hole

Directed by Toby Poser & John Adams

Hosted by Directors John Adams, Toby Poser, Producer Seager Dixon



John Adams, Toby Poser


Milos Dukelic, Matt Manjourides, Justin Martell


John Adams, Lulu Adams, Toby Poser


John Adams, Marko Filipovic, Anders Hove, Max Portman, Toby Poser


IFC Films / Shudder / RLJE Films

USA, Serbia 2024 92 mins OV English
Genre Horror

Far away, in the desolate Serbian wilderness, a U.S.-led fracking crew uncover a dormant monster gestating inside a centuries-old French soldier. Now awakened and exposed in its most dangerously fragile state, it tears through the men on the grounds in search of a new womb.

HELL HOLE is the latest creation from beloved Fantasia favourites the Adams family, their fourth horror feature following THE DEEPER YOU DIG, HELLBENDER and WHERE THE DEVIL ROAMS, all of which have had their World Premieres here. On this outing, the team consisted of Toby Poser and John & Lulu Adams, with Zelda away attending college. The seed of the film’s inspiration took shape during a family road trip through Alberta that had them passing through lonely oil mining fields, conjuring fantasies of secrets deep in the earth. Partnering with Shudder, the team behind The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and FX maestro Todd Masters, the family were soon shooting in Serbia with a local cast (including EIGHT EYES’ Bruno Veljanovski) and crew to make an indie rock’n’roll monster movie hell-bent on delivering a slimy good time. Absurd, gruesome, and transgressively comical, HELL HOLE is an old-school, resourcefully produced creature feature, yet in typical family fashion, they subvert the playing field with aspects of biological and environmental horror alongside a potent addressing of gender and bodily autonomy. Coming soon to rattle your womb!

As a special bonus, our screening will be preceded by the World Premiere of the Adams family’s chilling new short, PLASTIC SMILE, produced as part of the new Screambox Original series: TALES FROM THE VOID, a horror anthology based on the most viral and haunting stories from r/NoSleep. Paired with HELL HOLE, it will make for a compelling evening of the Adams family exploring new filmmaking approaches outside of their normal creative processes. – Mitch Davis