World Premiere


Directed by Robin Budd

Hosted by Director Robin Budd, Producer Athena Georgaklis.

Canada 2023 13 mins OV English
Genre Animation

Molly’s a creative professional, which of course means she dreams of pursuing her own vision, but is stuck in a dreary commercial job to pay the bills. Things change for her when an endlessly mutable inkblot creature oozes its way into her life. Molly might just be able to follow her bliss — if she and her new friend can dodge the sea-demon and the giant-robot death-rays. Produced by Nelvana, the “urban fairy tale” JELLY is a personal passion project from Emmy-winning veteran animator Robin Budd, whose directorial resume includes Disney’s RETURN TO NEVER LAND and TV’s BEETLEJUICE, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, and GERALD MCBOING-BOING. Oh, and the music is by some guy named Daniel Lanois. – Rupert Bottenberg