Presented by Nongshim America INC,Korean Cultural Centre in Canada

North American premiere

Mother Land (Eommaui Ttang)

Directed by Park Jae-beom


Official selection

Busan International Film Festival 2022
Fribourg International Film Festival 2023
Zlín Film Festival 2023


Park Jae-beom


Park Jae-beom


Kang Gil-woo, Kim Seo-young, Kim Ye-eun, Lee Yun-ji


Young-dae JO, Ye-bin KIM, Hye-ryeong SONG

Sound Designer

Seung-hee LEE


Yun-ji LEE


M-Line Distribution

South Korea 2022 69 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre Animation

“[A] gorgeously realized fantasy survival drama”
— Pierce Conran, SCREEN ANARCHY

The Yates are a nomadic, indigenous people, reindeer herders who have lived on the sparse and unforgiving Siberian tundra for countless generations. Krisha, a strong-willed and impetuous Yate girl, is quick to fight for her way in things, whether it’s with her troublesome little brother Kolya, or with the bullying Russian military officer Vladimir and his surly subordinate Bazak, a Yate hunter at odds with his own people. When the health of Krisha’s mother Shura takes a turn for the worse, the village shaman offers her wisdom—follow the North Star to the Ancient Forest and find its guardian and master, the great red bear of legend which has haunted Krisha with visions.

The first South Korean stop-motion feature film in almost half a century, director Park Jae-beom follows such notable short films as BIG FISH and CORNER OF THE ROOM with MOTHER LAND, a gripping, high-stakes adventure imbued with mythical power. Rigorously researched for accuracy and authenticity, and exquisitely crafted with materials one wants to pluck from the screen before one’s eyes, MOTHER LAND is a snowbound fantasy with a potent emotional warmth at its core, a debut feature from an exceptionally skilled craftsman in the challenging and painstaking technique of stop-motion animation. Follow the North Star to Fantasia’s screening of this truly special film, and be rewarded with visions as wondrous as the breathtaking aurora in the arctic skies. – Rupert Bottenberg