North American premiere
Selection 2023

My Protector (My Beskermer)

Directed by Diana Mills Smith


Official selection

Silwerskermfees 2022
The British Film Awards 2022
Benelux International Film Festival 2022
South African Independent Film Festival 2022
Manchester Film Festival 2023


Best Director, Special Mention - Silwerskermfees 2022

Best Short - South African Independent Film Festival 2022

Best Sci-Fi - Benelux Film Festival 2022

Best VFX - The British Film Awards 2022


Diana Mills Smith


David Franciscus


David Franciscus, Diana Mills Smith


Hein De Vries, Indy Franciscus, Shamilla Miller, Christy Morcos, Jazmine Ryan


Protagonist Studios

South Africa 2022 19 mins OV Afrikaans Subtitles : English

Ferocious machines (“BESKERMERS”) hunt the last remaining humans, forcing a young girl to prove herself as a protector for her family in this striking dose of high-concept South African sci-fi/action that blasts off the screen with resourceful execution, inspired ideas and one hell of a lead performance. Writer/director Diana Mills Smith has already won a score of awards with the film on the international festival circuit. – Mitch Davis