Presented by Nongshim America INC,Korean Cultural Centre in Canada

North American premiere
Selection 2023

New Normal

Directed by Jung Bum-shik


Official selection

BFI London 2023
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2023
Warsaw International Film Festival 2023


Jung Bum-shik


Jung Bum-shik


Choi Ji-woo, Lee Yu-mi, Choi Min-ho, Ha Da-in, Jeong Dong-won, Pyo Ji-hoon


Young-min KIM

Sound Designer

Tae-won GONG


Yun-Sang LEE



South Korea 2023 112 mins OV Korean Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorComedy

Fans of cinematic chaos with little regard for political correctness, NEW NORMAL, directed and written by Jung Bum-shik, delivers a heavy dose of dark humour, gleeful gags that will raise more than a few eyebrows, and brutal, unpredictable murders, all with a strong flavour of unabashed cynicism. Six short, interrelated stories with multiple references to classic films unfold before one’s astonished eyes in a jubilant crescendo culminating in a hilarious finale, a kind of Machiavellian therapy for anyone who has ever worked in customer service and had their life ruined by annoying customers. Now let's try to piece it all together into a more or less coherent narrative.

The news bulletin announces that a serial killer targeting lonely women has struck again. The discreet Hyun-jung (Choi Ji-woo, NOWHERE TO HIDE) has her evening interrupted by a rotten “jobbeu”. A dunce who has to do volunteer work to improve his grades hits the jackpot with a dodgy grandmother. Hyun-su (Lee Yu-mi, SQUID GAME) has a lousy date, arranged through a dating app, which is disrupted by the savage attack of another young woman. An Amélie Poulain-style trail of clues leads Hoon (K-pop star Choi Min-ho, BATTLE OF JANGSARI!) to true love. A pervert obsessed with his sexy neighbour undertakes a discreet visit to her flat in her absence. Finally, the last chapter takes us to a convenience store where a disillusioned part-time clerk experiences quintessential gracelessness as she endures a line-up of customers capable of spoiling the day, if not the week, of the most patient person on Earth. She lets off steam by commenting on some sordid online forums and inspiring a few losers to humiliate themselves, but eventually she blows a gasket.

If you need to unleash the beast just to cope with the myriad absurdities one is constantly confronted with while retaining a modicum of good manners, have a sip of this intoxicating nihilistic cocktail, just to stay sane, despite the risk of feeding a certain cynicism. Warning: use in moderation… – Translation: Rupert Bottenberg