World Premiere
Cheval Noir


Directed by Isaac Ezban

Hosted by Director/Writer/Producer Isaac Ezban, Producers Natalia Contreras, Eduardo Lecuona and Javier Sepulveda



Isaac Ezban


Natalia Contreras, Eduardo Lecuona, Javier Sepulveda


Ricardo Aguado-Fentanes, Isaac Ezban


Carla Adell, Leonardo Cervantes, Felix Farid Escalante, Norma Flores, Noe Hernandez, Horacio Lazo, Mateo Ortega


Rodrigo Sandoval Vega Gil


Edy Lan, Camilla Uboldi


Oscar Figueroa

Production Designer

Adelle Achar


Red Elephant Films

Mexico 2024 118 mins OV Spanish Subtitles : English
Genre HorrorFantasy

“I believe the horror and coming-of-age blend very well, as these stories are a great metaphor to what growing up and discovering another world means. This is not only a story about family, but a story about trying to save a family.” – Writer/Director Isaac Ezban

Award-winning Mexican filmmaker Isaac Ezban (THE INCIDENT, THE SIMILARS, PARALLEL, EVIL EYES) returns with his fifth and most personal feature, a nightmarish vision that he’s spent the last seven years bringing into light. We want to reveal as little as possible about the plot in order to retain maximum shock for the film’s World Premiere. Do know that PÁRVULOS is a dystopian coming-of-age horror story, set in a near future after a grim viral calamity, that begins with three young brothers living alone in a remote cabin. Hidden in their basement is a terrifying secret that they’ve adapted to... and have been living with for some time. Where it goes from there will pull the breath from your lungs, as the children’s hermetically sealed world is forcefully expanded—and invaded—by monstrous elements that are gut-wrenchingly beyond their control. What can they do to protect each other? Can this family save itself in a world they no longer recognize?

A poignant nightmare with shades of inspiration from GOODNIGHT MOMMY, A QUIET PLACE, LORD OF THE FLIES, Stephen King and the dark-fable horror universes of Guillermo del Toro (an outspoken admirer of Ezban’s work), PÁRVULOS is the filmmaker’s most enthralling film to date. Born out of his own familial experiences as one of three brothers in childhood, and a wealth of fatherhood fears in adulthood, it’s a grisly and moving genrefied meditation on family and caregiving, parenting and survival, told with deep compassion and devastating cruelty. And some of the most gruesome practical make-up effects the screen has seen in years. This is a film that will stay with you, electrified by astonishing performances from Felix Farid, Leonardo Cervantes, Mateo Ortega Cassilas (ALLÁ), Norma Flores, Horacio Lazo (EMBOSCADA), Carla Adell (VIRAL), Juan Carlos Remolina (NO MAN’S LAND), and the great Noe? Herna?ndez (WE ARE THE FLESH). PÁRVULOS is a horrific vision of childhood’s end—at the end of the world. From the producers of HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN. – Mitch Davis