North American premiere
Selection 2023

Restore Point

Directed by Robert Hloz


Official selection

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2023
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival 2023
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023


Robert Hloz


Tomislav Cecka, Zdenek Jecelin


Matej Hádek, Andrea Mohylová, Milan Ondrík


XYZ Films

Czech Republic 2023 108 mins OV Czech Subtitles : English

Prague, 2041. The world is on the cusp of crossing a threshold into a new era of human existence, because death has been eliminated. Those who die can be resurrected, and the population is consistently signing in and uploading their memories to a corporate cloud. On the eve of the corporation going public, one of its founding members is brutally murdered with his wife, and restoration is impossible. Now, a detective with an axe to grind (Andrea Mohylová) must infiltrate the extremist group The River of Life, luddites who believe that death is sacred, and uncover the corporate scandals and dirty secrets that lay at the centre of restoration. Accompanied by David (Matej Hádek), a flawed carbon copy of the murdered man without memories, revived through new experimental restoration, the detective must unearth a mystery that is sure to shake the dystopian world to its foundation.

RESTORE POINT is the first SF feature to come out of the Czech Republic in 40 years and it joins the ranks of standout dystopian neo-noirs like BLADE RUNNER (1982) and MINORITY REPORT (2002), brilliantly blending neon-lit cityscapes with ominous and staggering monolithic skyscrapers. The astoundingly designed megacity perfectly houses an equally sleek and well-crafted narrative full of twists and staggering turns. Robert Hloz’s film demonstrates that when death isn’t necessarily the end, the depths of corruption and scandal are limitless. Don’t miss the North American premiere of RESTORE POINT because you won’t be able to reset. – Justin Langlois