Canadian Premiere

Sand Land

Directed by Toshihisa Yokoshima

Hosted by Director Toshihisa Yokoshima



Toshihisa Yokoshima

Executive Producer

Akira Toriyama - Original Story / Récit originale SAND LAND (Shueisha JUMP COMICS)


Hayashi Mori


Mutsumi Tamura, Kazuhiro Yamaji, Cho, Satoshi Tsuruoka, Nobuo Tobita

Sound Designer

Yoshikazu Iwanami


Yugo Kanno


Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc.

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Japan 2023 106 mins OV Japanese Subtitles : English
Genre Animation

In a mysterious world where humans and demons coexist, it has been a lifetime since humans ruined the environment and fell into a state of constant war. A parched desert now covers the globe, and water is the most precious resource. The Royal Army, serving under the King, controls the only known source of water. Those transporting the vital fluid through the dry wastelands find themselves beset by demons (who get thirsty too, you know). Among them is Beelzebub, the demon prince, son of Satan himself — and you know Beelzebub is a bad one because he doesn’t respect bedtime, and often doesn’t brush his teeth. When the stern, no-nonsense Sheriff Rao visits the demons’ village, and asks for their help in locating a fabled oasis (thus bypassing the tyrannical king’s control of all remaining water), it’s Beelzebub and the grizzled old demon Thief who join him on this desperate, dangerous quest. They’re not long out of town when their troubles really begin!

Though he’s best known for two series from the 1980s, cult favourite DR. SLUMP and the world-renowned sensation DRAGONBALL, celebrated Japanese manga creator Akira Toriyama has crafted many other, shorter manga tales. Among them is the mini-epic SAND LAND, a demon-infested, post-apocalyptic screwball romp which appeared briefly in 2000. Toriyama’s countless fans can rejoice because now, a quarter century later, an anime adaptation has further rekindled the work’s appeal.

Fantasia’s crowd can take particular pleasure in this news, because the director is none other than the talented Toshihisa Yokoshima, a deft master of CG animation whose short film COCOLORS won a Satoshi Kon Award at the festival in 2017. Yokoshima is no stranger to Toriyama’s work, having toiled on the DRAGON QUEST video game, and he’s just the right person to bring SAND LAND to the big screen — so stay hydrated, steer clear of the royal army, and step on the gas, because it’s no mirage... SAND LAND awaits at Fantasia! – Rupert Bottenberg