World Premiere
Selection 2024

Shelby Oaks

Directed by Chris Stuckmann

Hosted by Director/Writer Chris Stuckmann, Executive Producer Mike Flanagan, Producers Cameron Burns, Alex Euting, Aaron B. Koontz, Ashleigh Snead and Shawn Talley, Actors Emily Bennett, Sarah Durn, Sam Liz, Camille Sullivan and Charlie Talbert



Chris Stuckmann

Executive Producer

Mike Flanagan, Trevor Macy, Melinda Nishioka


Cameron Burns, Aaron Koontz, Ashleigh Snead


Chris Stuckmann


Michael Beach, Keith David, Sarah Durn, Brendan Sexton III, Camille Sullivan


Andrew Baird


Patrick Lawrence

Production Designer

Christopher Hare


Paper Street Pictures

USA 2024 102 mins OV English
Genre HorrorThriller

Who took Riley Brennan? That's the question asked by millions of devoted, even obsessed fans of the popular YouTube series Paranormal Paranoids, which ceased production when Brennan and her three co-hosts disappeared near the deserted town of Shelby Oaks, Ohio in 2008. Conspiracy theories have run rampant over the years, but none are more determined to get to the truth than Riley's sister, Mia (Camille Sullivan), who has finally agreed to telling Riley's story to a documentary film crew (Emily Bennett and Rob Grant) in the hopes of finding closure. Closure, however, refuses to be found as a series of shocking events opens the door to a deeper mystery surrounding Riley, one that leads Mia to follow her ghost-hunting sister's footsteps down a path to confront demons of the past and get answers that can only be found somewhere within the darkness of Shelby Oaks.

This is it! After a successful Kickstarter campaign (which raised over five times the original goal, breaking all records on the platform) and two years of waiting, the debut feature from esteemed YouTube creator Chris Stuckmann is finally here and ready to scare the pants off Fantasia audiences. SHELBY OAKS delivers in all departments, as a creepy supernatural shocker, as a character-oriented horror film with strong performances, and as a well-crafted debut feature. Helped along by veteran producers Aaron B. Koontz (THE ARTIFICE GIRL), Ashleigh Snead (THE RANGER), along with the great Mike Flanagan coming on board as an executive producer, Stuckmann proves that he's been paying close attention to all those movies he's reviewed over the years, as the results are impressively moody and deftly scripted throughout. Anchored by a strong performance from Sullivan with solid support from Michael Beach (AQUAMAN) and genre vet Keith David (THEY LIVE), SHELBY OAKS has finally been found and it's going to put Chris Stuckmann on the map in a very big way. – Matthew Kiernan