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Onur Karaman

In an isolated country house, a woman is haunted by a menacing presence. A minimalist, atmospheric horror film shot in superb black and white.

Jul 22 18:30
Quebec 76 mins

Irlande cahier bleu

Olivier Godin

In Olivier Godin’s latest, Ducarmel is a firefighter and a poet. But when he dreams, he isn’t himself, but rather the best basketball player of them all in a bizarre, dreamy world.

Jul 28 18:30
Quebec 83 mins

Max Funk : Pour ton funk seulement

Benoit Ash, Alexandre Dubois, Alexandre B. Lampron, Guy Chagnon

Max Funk and his gang of special agents set off on a dangerous mission to save the people of Earth from the infamous Prezinstein! A lost (and found) film shot on MiniDV in early 2000.

Aug 5 20:30
Quebec 91 mins
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Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Ariane will have to face the limits of what she is willing to do in the name of justice. A real masterpiece which could not have been a timelier reflection of our current social climate.

Aug 4 18:30
Quebec, France, Guatemala 89 mins

The Sacrifice Game

Jenn Wexler

Satanic machinations, school girls, and a deep secret make for a bloody battle of wits and survival!

Jul 28 21:30
Aug 9 21:30
Canada 100 mins

tOuch Kink

Todd Max Carey

A documentary painting a detailed portrait of fans of BDSM, fetishism and other forms of kink, through a series of encounters that shed light on this discreet, often misrepresented community.

Jul 30 20:30
Canada, Quebec, USA, Costa Rica 75 mins

Toupie et Binou - le Film

The popular animated series TOUPIE ET BINOU is finally coming to the big screen! With the voices of Marc Labrèche, Anne Dorval, Xavier Dolan, Stéphane Rousseau and Geneviève Schmidt.

Aug 6 10:30
Quebec 78 mins

Y’a une étoile

Julien Cadieux

Transgender musician Samuel Leblanc crosses Acadia on a quest for identity that is as personal as it is cultural, in this hybrid documentary/musical, inspired by the music of Angèle Arsenault.

Jul 23 18:30
Canada 72 mins