Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Sweet Tooth (dents du bonheur)

Directed by Joséphine Darcy Hopkins


Official selection

Festival International de Clermont-Ferrand 2023
Films francophones Angouleme 2023
BIFF 2023
Brussels Short Film Festival 2023


Films francophones Angoulême 2023 (Prix du Jury), Brussels Short Film Festival 2023 (Prix du Public), Seléction Unifrance 2023 (Prix de la Meilleure actrice et des Diffuseurs)


Joséphine Darcy Hopkins


Joséphine Darcy Hopkins, Jean-Jacques Kahn


Naomi Arlix, Jeanne Civaux, Lou Deleuze, Katell Varvat


To Be Continued

Belgium, France 2023 26 mins OV French Subtitles : English
Genre Horror

A young girl (Lou Deleuze) accompanies her nail beautician mother to meet new clients in an imposingly large home. There, she meets three girls who bring her away from the adults to play a uniquely cruel board game downstairs. Joséphine Darcy Hopkins’ third work to bless the Fantasia screen, following THE DAY MY MOTHER BECAME A MONSTER (2017) and CLOUD (2020), SWEET TOOTH pieces perfectly into her gripping, character-driven oeuvre of genre storytelling, with startling performances, potent allegorical weight and moments of shock that will freeze you. – Mitch Davis