Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Talk To Me

Directed by Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou

Hosted by Directors Danny Philippou and Michael Philippou.



Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou


Bill Hinzman, Danny Philippou


Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, Alexandra Jensen, Miranda Otto, Zoe Terakes, Sophie Wilde


VVS Films

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Australia 2022 95 mins OV English
Genre HorrorThriller

“Terrifically scary… powerful performances, creepy creature designs and practical effects that'll blow your mind and chill your spine”
– Kristy Puchko, MASHABLE

“Destined to become a new horror classic”
– Chris Bumbray, JOBLO

“Will leave even the most jaded, skeptical ‘seen-it-all’ horror fan shaking in their seats”
– Mel Valentin, SCREEN ANARCHY

Wracked with grief over her mother’s death and unable to handle watching her father languish in depression, 17-year-old Mia (Sophie Wilde) begins to stay at her best friend’s house. A Snapchat video of a demonic possession goes viral in their school, capturing the fascination of everyone in Mia’s orbit, leading them to explore conjurings around an embalmed ceramic hand made from the severed arm of a psychic. Through holding hands with it and uttering the phrase “talk to me”, a user can rip the high of a lifetime by allowing themselves to become temporarily possessed, tripping in ecstasy as otherworldly forces invade their body. The only rule is to never, under any circumstances, be left to hold the grip longer than 90 seconds. The rush is unbelievable. Indescribable. Mia becomes hooked. Soon, doors into the spirit world will be opened that can’t be closed.

You’ve likely been hearing about this film since January when it blew audiences’ heads off at Sundance. Believe the hype. A ferocious feature debut from Australian filmmakers and YouTube sensations Danny and Michael Philippou, TALK TO ME is an exhilaratingly frightening rollercoaster that balances imaginative scares with intelligent, emotionally nuanced teen characters and an ingeniously original concept. The Philippous display a remarkable ability with actors — Wilde in particular is uncannily phenomenal, and one is left with a sense of watching an ensemble filled entirely with rising stars — in addition to a mastery of visual language and smart use of utterly walloping practical effects. This film is just unbelievably effective. A visceral, balls-to-the-wall horror blitzkrieg, a heartbreaking exploration of adolescent grief, and a terrifying interpretation of the ways that trauma energies can permeate the fabrics of our worlds, TALK TO ME is all that and more. You’ll be haunted for weeks. – Mitch Davis