Canadian Premiere
Selection 2023

Le Visiteur du futur

Directed by François Descraques



François Descraques


François Descraques, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun


Arnaud Ducret, Florent Dorin, Enya Baroux


Axia Films

France 2022 102 mins OV French
Genre ComedyFantasyAction

« TERMINATOR, oui, mais en version comédie française, dans son meilleur côté : légère, décontractée, sincèrement fun »
– Sylvestre Picard, PREMIÈRE

In the very near future, just a few years from now, a nuclear power plant is going into meltdown. For two engineers at the facility, preventing an unimaginable catastrophe comes down to choosing the right button to push. Blue or yellow? Suddenly, a scruffy time traveller materializes out of thin air, desperately urging them to push the yellow button. But hold on! Two high-tech time cops appear behind him, intent on his capture, and they say, push blue! Which one will the hapless technicians choose? And what globe-shaking impact will their decision have on the future?

The end of the world is only the beginning of the hilariously witty, time-twisting sci-fi comedy LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR from writer/director François Descraques, founder of the collective Frenchnerd Productions. Initially a web series, debuting in 2009, Descraques’ popular LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR evolved into a proper TV series, and saw comic-book spinoffs, and now at last is adapted and expanded into a full-blown feature film. Along with several other series regulars, Florent Dorin, a regular in Frenchnerd’s various short films and web series, reprises his starring role as the titular, forever nameless “visitor” — an anarchic hero and agent of change with the enforcers of temporal status quo constantly at his heels. While his tale does touch on ecological concerns, and ponder the consequences of difficult decisions, Descraques doesn’t let a single line of dialogue go by without a jolt of clever humour, and the capable cast delivers the non-stop jokes with understated panache. Smart, sympathetic, and devoid of a dull moment, LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR guarantees that an apocalyptically fun time lies waiting in your immediate future! – Rupert Bottenberg